Order of vaccination

Age is by far the most significant risk factor for COVID-19. Therefore vaccinations were administered to the aged first. 

Currently being vaccinated:

  • as of 3 May 2021, basically healthy 50- to 54-year-olds: book appointment online
  • as of 28 April 2021, basically healthy 55- to 59-year-olds: book appointment online
  • as of 22 April 2021, basically healthy 60- to 64-year-olds: book appointment online

Previously opened: 

  • all people aged 65 or older, please call tel. 014 266 1472
  • all those in risk group 1 or risk group 2 based on an illness: online booking 

Vaccination order and at-risk groups for COVID-19

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has prepared a list to determine in which order COVID-19 vaccines will be offered to people with various underlying conditions. The list is based on medical risk assessment and it aims to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are offered in as fair order as possible to those who most need it.

Underlying conditions have been divided into two groups: 

  • Conditions highly predisposing to severe COVID-19
  • Conditions predisposing to severe COVID-19

Of these groups, vaccine is first offered to group 1 and then to group 2. 

Group 1: persons with an illness or condition that is highly predisposing to severe coronavirus disease

  • Organ transplant or stem cell transplant
  • People undergoing active cancer treatment 
  • Severe disorders of the immune system 
  • Severe chronic renal disease 
  • Severe chronic pulmonary disease 
  • Type 2 diabetes with medication 
  • Down syndrome (adults)

Group 2: persons with an illness or condition that is predisposing to severe coronavirus disease

  • Asthma requiring continuous medication 
  • Severe heart disease, including heart failure (but not just hypertension)
  • Neurological illness or condition that affects breathing
  • Immunosuppressive drug therapy for autoimmune disease
  • Severe chronic liver disease
  • Type 1 diabetes or adrenal insufficiency
  • A moderate to severe sleep apnoea disease (over 15 breathing interruptions or episodes of hypopnea per hour)
  • Psychosis 
  • Morbid obesity (body mass index more than 40)