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Joutsenet Jyväsjärvellä. Image Merja Huovelin


  • 6.9.2023
    Student! Unleash your inner designer and design a craft-themed badge for the Craft Museum of Finland. You
    Vaaleanpunaisia kulttuurikaupunki Jyväskylä -haalarimerkkejä kasassa. Image Sari Koskinen
  • 12.5.2023
    Leiriane Rios, a second-year master’s student at JYU, decided to write a blog post to motivate students in finding a job in Jyväskylä. For that purpose, she interviewed Saeedeh Kholghi, who was working as an intern in the City of Jyväskylä at the time of the interview. Currently, Saeedeh works as a Communication Assistant at the same organisation.
    Kholghi-Saeedeh. Image Jyrki Pitkänen
  • 9.2.2023
    The completion date of the first phase of renovation and expansion works of the AaltoAlvari swimming hall is delayed for a few months later than the original implementation schedule. According to the schedule, the estimation of the first phase completion will be at the end of August.
    AaltoAlvarin laajennusosan suunnitelmakuva hankesuunnitelmasta. Image Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Konsultit
  • 23.12.2022
    “In the event, I was able to meet amazingly skilled people on different organizations and hierarchy levels.” says Leiriane Pires Rios, a student in the University of Jyväskylä.
    kolme naista seisoo vierekkäin. Image Tanja Oksa