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City strategy questionnaire - answer by 2 September 2021

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Share your ideas about the Jyväskylä City Strategy

The new council began their work on 1 August 2021 and one important work is to start updating Jyväskylä City Strategy. The updates will be based on views and information collected from various stakeholders.

The aim is to have an updated strategy ready for the council to make a decision in the end of 2021. It will signpost the city’s development, so now is the time to participate in the building of even better Jyväskylä.

The questionnaire reflects on what the City of Jyväskylä will be in 2030. Answer the questionnaire by 2 September and share your views on the direction of future! 

Ahead of its time

The city strategy for 2017–2021 was approved by Jyväskylä city council on 30.10.2017. According to the city strategy Jyväskylä is a growing and internationally recognised city of education and expertise. Our mission is to make Jyväskylä the best place to live, work and study.

The strategy specifies the policies central to ambitions for the city’s future and serves as the cornerstone of everyday municipal management.


  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Openness

Happy, healthy and participatory citizens

1) We will boost opportunities for children and young people to enjoy healthy growth and learn successfully.
2) We will support citizens’ participation and increase opportunities to influence decisionmaking.
3) We will promote equality between citizens and take cultural diversity into account.
4) We will improve the availability and accessibility of services across the city as a whole.
5) We will reinforce the sense of community, support leisure activities and strive to reduce loneliness.
6) We will promote culture and art right across the spectrum.

Fresh, growth-oriented business policy

1) We will enhance Jyväskylä’s reputation as an attractive city of education and high-level expertise and as a leading centre of research.
2) We will further the growth of enterprises by means of urban development platforms and partnerships.
3) We will foster the emergence of novel technology, business and service innovations.
4) We will reinforce Jyväskylä’s appeal as an international city of culture, events and tourism.
5) We will improve the vitality and allure of the city centre.
6) We will make the City of Jyväskylä attractive as an employer and place to work.

Wise use of resources

1) We will work towards a coherent urban structure and encourage people to embrace sustainable mobility.
2) We will conduct procurement in a sustainable, ethical and innovative manner and promote resource-wise business.
3) We will take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.
4) We will make it easier for citizens to use city premises.
5) We will seek to become a carbon-neutral and waste-free city and promote both the circular economy and renewable energy.
6) We will use natural resources judiciously and take care of natural diversity.

The capital of sport and physical activity in Finland

1) We will transform Jyväskylä into the finest centre of expertise in physical recreation, sport and health in the Nordic countries.
2) We will create opportunities for lifelong exercise and movement by developing collaboration and service models as well as opportunities for exercise in residential environments.
3) We will promote physical recreation for children and young people in day-care centres, schools and during free time.
4) We will combine study and sport flexibly at all school levels.
5) We will lay the foundations for business activity in the physical recreation and wellness branches.

About the strategy

The strategy is closely linked to the annual budget, in which the actions to be taken are rendered concrete in the form of goals that can be measured and monitored. The city’s main plans, programmes and policies actualise the strategy. Implementation of the strategy is assessed with the help of key measures and indicators.


Jyväskylä City Strategy 2017-2021 (PDF, 1.3Mb)

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