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Tilannekuva Yläkaupungin Yö tapahtumista. Image Tero Takalo-Eskola



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    Ihmisiä katselemassa seinälle ripustettuja tauluja taidemuseossa. Image Sanna Lahti
    At the events, you can discover the new exhibitions at the openings or paint with family or friends in an open workshop.

Jyväskylä - City of Culture

Jyväskylä is especially known for its rich variety of culture; museums, art exhibitions, concerts, events and theatre performances.

The festival-summer of the city begins with Jyväskylä Arts Festival, the oldest on-going cultural festival in the Nordic countries. The Alvar Aalto Symposium and Alvar Aalto Design Seminar, held at three-year intervals, bring hundreds of architects and designers from all over the world to Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä is the hometown of the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto and houses several buildings designed by him. The Alvar Aalto Museum familiarises the visitor with the life and work of this great talent.

More information on events, Alvar Aalto, museums and other, see the webpages of Visit Jyväskylä: