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The Finnish Sustainable Communities FISU network actively collaborates on projects enhancing resource wisdom. The member municipalities FISU municipalities planned a joint project and shared experiences during the spring meeting of the network

FISU's network’s members met in Lahti in March to discuss good practices related to resource wisdom management and monitoring indicators, among other things. Members also discussed the next possible joint project focusing on promoting low-carbon construction in the municipal sector.

FISU network days are organised twice a year, allowing representatives of member municipalities to exchange their experiences on resource wisdom solutions and to discuss and plan new forms of cooperation and network development.

FISU is a community of pioneering municipalities

FISU, or the Finnish Sustainable Communities network, is a national community of pioneering municipalities striving for resource wisdom. The FISU network aims for zero emissions, zero waste and globally sustainable consumption by 2050. Currently, tThe network currently has 11 member municipalities, one of which is Jyväskylä. Other municipalities in the network include Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta and Turku. The network is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and Motiva, which together form a service centre supporting FISU municipalities.

Joint projects, communication support and guidance for managing resource wisdom work

The FISU network is an active and agile actor in which the member municipalities themselves shape the network's activities towards common goals. FISU's main activities are joint projects in which the member municipalities can easily join that are easy for member municipalities to get involved in. Projects are designed to solve common sustainability challenges and implemented with shared resources. In addition, the service centre provides municipalities with communication support, advice and tools for managing and monitoring resource wisdom work, among other things.