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A blackbird sits on a tree branch. Image Ari Lehtiö
Kvik kvik, tsirp tsirp and ti-ti-tyy – now you no longer have to guess which bird species it is, as the artificial intelligence of the mobile application recognizes bird species! By making a recording, you can also help science. During the spring, a hundred point counting sites for migratory birds have been set up in the City of Jyväskylä area, where anyone can record birdsong and make their recordings available to researchers. This is the Migratory Bird Spring application developed by the University of Jyväskylä, and this year it will be used to create a point count network together with the City of Helsinki and Metsähallitus National Parks.

In Jyväskylä, point count sites can be found near residential areas 

Map with 13 locations.

There are a total of one hundred recording points in Jyväskylä. Most of the destinations are easy to traverse, and many points can be found along the trails. For example, the nature trail in Haukanniemi is accessible, and half of its points are also suitable for people with assistive devices or prams.  

"The points are positioned so that they are easy to reach by Linkki, bike or walking," says planning biologist Matti Häkkilä from the City of Jyväskylä.  

The application shows the points on the map and gives more detailed instructions on the location of the point station. The application also shows the distances to the closest point count stations.

Mobile view of the application.

At the point count stations there are QR codes that can be used to make a recording. The recommended length of the recording is five minutes. The application recognizes bird species, so the user receives feedback immediately. 

Mobile view of the application.

Get out in the local nature and challenge others to join in! 

Bird identification is a good incentive to get out into nature.

– You can experience the joy of learning when identifying species, and exercising in nature is known to relieve stress and increase well-being, Häkkilä reminds us.  

– Of course, we hope that large numbers of city residents will make recordings at point count sites. Species recognition can also be a fun motivator to go out with the whole family or a group of friends. And why not compete with a friend to see who saves more species, hints Häkkilä.  

If you share pictures of bird sightings or recordings on social media, use the word pair #muuttolintujenkevät as a hashtag. You can inspire others to get moving! 

The application brings joy to the user and benefits researchers 

The Spring of Migratory Birds app was developed last year and immediately gained great popularity. It now has more than 200,000 users and has already had more than one million bird sightings. The idea is simple: the user records birdsong on their mobile phone and the application's artificial intelligence recognizes which species it is. This spring, the updated version of the application has added the possibility to save point calculation data for researchers to use. These sound samples are done at separate point count sites, and these recordings should be slightly longer, i.e. at least five minutes long.

The idea behind point count recordings is to obtain information on, among other things, when each migratory bird arrives in Finland. Researchers will be able to use the recordings to make prediction models of bird prevalence. The models make it easier for anyone to head out into nature to observe interesting birds.  

More information

Planning biologist Matti Häkkilä
t. 040 860 0994