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Reimarin rakennus valaistiin sinikeltaiseksi Ukrainan tueksi. Image Elisa Hillgen

Updated on 27 March 2023

More than 45,000 Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion have arrived in Finland since March 2022. There are currently about 2 650 Ukrainians in Central Finland, of which about 1 050 in Jyväskylä. This page contains information on what services are available for people fleeing the war in Ukraine and how you can help Ukrainians

How can I help Ukrainians who have arrived in Jyväskylä?

How can I send help to Ukraine?

Make donations through trusted organisations:

The organisations are primarily hoping for financial support.

The city does not organise separate collections. Items can be donated, for example, through the Finnish Red Cross "Kontti". Information about aid to Ukraine can also be found on the website of the Civic Action Centre Matara.

How is the accommodation of asylum seekers in Jyväskylä organised?

A Ukrainian citizen who arrives in Finland due to Russia’s attack, can stay in the country visa-free, apply for temporary protection or apply for asylum. The Migri website has instructions how Ukrainians need to act upon their arrival in Finland: 

Temporary protection for people fleeing Ukraine

People who have arrived in Finland from Ukraine, should apply for temporary protection. You can apply for protection through the police or border authorities. At the meeting, you should tell them that you want to apply for temporary protection. The application is free of charge. The Jyväskylä Police Station is located at Urhonkatu 1, 40100 Jyväskylä. 

People from Ukraine should apply for temporary protection even if they have already applied for asylum. Applications for temporary protection are processed much faster than asylum applications. 

Migri: Temporary protection for those fleeing Ukraine

Jyväskylä reception centre

Jyväskylä has made preparations for receiving Ukrainians. The Finnish Immigration Service (Suomen Maahanmuuttovirasto, Migri) is in charge of providing asylum seekers with accommodation.

In the first phase, Ukrainians are referred to the premises provided in the Jyväskylä reception centre maintained by the Western Finland district of the Finnish Red Cross. The City of Jyväskylä engages in cooperation with the reception centre to provide people coming from Ukraine to Jyväskylä with the social, healthcare, and educational services that they need among other things. 

Please advise Migri if you transport or take Ukrainians to live with you

Numerous Ukrainians have arrived in Jyväskylä to be in safety with their close ones. It has also been possible to pick up Ukrainian families from the border of Ukraine to bring them to safety from the war in Jyväskylä residents’ own homes. The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) asks for advance information about transport of Ukrainians to Jyväskylä.  This already ensures a proactive possibility to prepare for a longer-term need for accommodation and to offer services. Migri's instructions on how to make a notification

Renting accommodation for those fleeing Ukraine 

The City has been asked individual questions about how to rent one’s own flat for Ukrainians to use. The City has no centralized service via which one could offer one’s own flat. Migri has declared that the information on a property available can be e-mailed to Migri to the address [email protected]. The team in charge of the capacity of the reception centres processes the declarations and gets in touch if premises are needed.

Support for those fleeing Ukraine

Almost 70% of Ukrainians belong to the Orthodox Church. Jyväskylä Orthodox parish offers help in mental health issues to people coming from Ukraine:

Ukraine-pages in Ukrainian and Finnish 

Війна в Україні впливає на життя багатьох людей також і в Ювяскюлі. На цій сторінці ви можете знайти інформацію, які послуги в місті Юваскюля пропонують втікачам від війни та як ви можете допомогти українцям.

Twelve months’ residence gives eligibility for many benefits

Many who fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion have now lived in Finland for a year and are thus eligible for benefits from Kela. Based on 12 months of residence or long-term employment, Ukrainians can apply for child benefit, housing allowance and other benefits. They also qualify for a Kela card, which allows them to get reimbursements for prescription medicine expenses.

To simplify the application process, Kela has introduced a new form, UA 1, making it possible to apply for a Kela card and child benefit at the same time. The forms are available online at

After the 12 months are up, customers can also apply to be registered as a resident of a Finnish municipality (“home municipality”). Applications for a home municipality are made to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

Temporary protection

Temporary protection is intended for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Persons fleeing from Ukraine are recommended to apply for temporary protection to receive services. 

In Jyväskylä the police registers applications for temporary protection, address: Urhonkatu 1, 40100 Jyväskylä.

Jyväskylä reception centre 

Jyväskylä reception centre is maintained by the Western Finland district of the Finnish Red Cross.