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    Liiduilla asfalttiin piirretty koronavirus
    Last updated 3.11.2021 The page contains instructions, recommendations and restrictions on coronavirus, including in different languages. For residents of Jyväskylä, Uurainen and Hankasalmi, the coronavirus helpline is +358 14 266 0133. If planning to travel abroad take a look the COVID certificate information and the country specific regulations for coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.
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    Week 47: Kuokkala vaccination station serve without an appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8-15 and on other weekdays at 8-18.30. Killeri vaccination station serve without an appointment on Moday and Wednesday at 8-18 and on other weekdays at 8-15. You are able to receive the first, second or third coronavirus vaccination at the both stations if the criteria are met.
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    Englanninkielinen kutsu Glorian rokotuksiin
    Coronavirus information available at the Gloria Multicultural Centre on three days. You can also receive coronavirus vaccination without a Finnish social security number.
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    Kuvituskuvassa talon seinässä lukee Suuri turvallisuuskysely
    The extensive safety survey open until 15 December
    An extensive safety survey has been launched in Jyväskylä to gather the ideas and experiences of residents on the safety of their home town. The survey aims to determine which things are already in order and what things could be improved so that Jyväskylä and its residential areas would feel even safer. City residents of all ages are asked to participate in the survey, starting from Jyväskylä schoolchildren. Answers to the study are collected online as well as at the Kortteliklubi community clubs in the city centre and Kangas.