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Kholghi-Saeedeh. Image Jyrki Pitkänen
Leiriane Rios, a second-year master’s student at JYU, decided to write a blog post to motivate students in finding a job in Jyväskylä. For that purpose, she interviewed Saeedeh Kholghi, who was working as an intern in the City of Jyväskylä at the time of the interview. Currently, Saeedeh works as a Communication Assistant at the same organisation.

Q: Tell me about yourself and your professional background?
A: My name is Saeedeh Kholghi, I’m from Iran, and currently I’m working in the City of Jyväskylä as an intern. Last year, I graduated from JAMK with a master's degree in International Business Management. Now I work in the international relations department. Our work is to add more information and news in English to the official website and social media. I also help to organize international events and programs. 

Q: What do you think international talents can do to be more active in searching for a job in Jyväskylä?
A: I believe that international talents, especially students, should start building their network while still studying in university, because Jyväskylä is a small city, so it may not be so easy to find a job a first. Networking works well in this city because if you know a person, this person knows another person, etc. Especially in specific fields, it really works.

Q: How international students can build their networks in Jyväskylä?
A:  For example, students can start building their network by attending events and meeting new people, like employers, and city workers. It will help them to find a job in the future.

Q: Do you have any other advice for students regarding building their career path?
A: Students could do volunteer jobs, summer/winter jobs, and internships. Take some time to update their CV and make it available for employers in Finland, and add these local experiences to their CVs. I think that proposing their thesis to a company is really helpful. In my case, I’ve done my thesis in collaboration with the City of Jyväskylä, and the same people asked me to join as an intern. Everything started with my master thesis collaboration, and now, I’m looking forward to continuing working here.

Leiriane Pires ja Saeedeh Kholghi Jyväskylän kaupungintalolla
Leiriane Pires ja Saeedeh Kholghi

Leiriane Rios and Saeedeh Kholghi in the City Hall lobby.

As a final conclusion, international talents and students can increase the opportunity to build their career in Jyväskylä by, for example, creating a network by joining events and professional groups and brushing up their resume/CV.