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Piirretty lokkihahmo kesäisessä varustuksessa aurinkoisella poutapilvitaustalla. Image Rita Suhonen

Lomalokki is now published!

This time Lomalokki lists different kind of activities for schools simmer holiday (3.6.-7.8.2024). Activities are listed mainly in Finnish. In some cases the description is also in English:



What is Lomalokki?

Lomalokki gathers activities that target children and young people (under 30) for school holidays, such as autumn holiday in October, winter holiday in February, and summer holiday from June to August.

In addition to the activities organized by the city's units, Lomalokki offers, for example, camps, excursions, activity days, and other fun activities organized by associations and parishes.

Piirretty, silmääiskevä lokkihahmo pukeutuneena kesähattuun ja aurinkolaseihin. Kaulassa kukkaköynnös ja vierellä rantapallo. Image Emma Linna

What Lomalokki means?

Direct translation for the name of this activity list, Lomalokki, is "Holiday seagull". We chose the name through a contest for young people because we thought it was funny and summery!
Lomalokki was originally published only for summer holiday. That is why we wanted to find a name that reminds us of summer.

Contact information

The City of Jyväskylä Youth Services are responsible for putting Lomalokki together.

If you have any questions about the Lomalokki don't hesitate to contact us:

Rita Suhonen, youth counsellor
p. 050 320 5933