Project grants

•    The application period is January, ending on the last weekday of January at 3 pm. 
•    If any grant funds are left after the grant decisions made in the boards in March, the second application period for project grants will end on the last weekday of August at 3 pm. 
•    Project grants for cultural, youth and civil society activities may be applied for by registered associations domiciled in Jyväskylä as well as communities and informal work and activity groups operating in Jyväskylä. 
•    Project grants for sports and exercise activities may be applied for by registered associa-tions domiciled in Jyväskylä. 
•    A private person may apply for project cultural grants, only targeted at offsetting costs for renting working spaces for artistic work (the application must be accompanied by a lease agreement on a separate working space).
•    A project grant may be applied for to fund a spesific event, activity, or project. 
•    The grant must be accompanied by an operational plan and a budget for the target of the grant, should these not be adequately explained in the actual application. 
•    The decision on the grant will be communicated to applicants by e-mail. 

Once a project grant is made, it will be paid after the official decision is legally valid, once the grantee has delivered a report on the incomes and expenses of the target of the grant. The grant will be paid on the basis of the incomes and expenses calculated by the applicant, as reported on a settlement of accounts form and enclosed receipts, covering expenses not yet covered (enclose copies of the receipts of bills paid using the grant). If the final income of the target of the grant exceeds its expenses, no grant will be paid. The settlement of accounts form is enclosed with the decision letter.

The settlement of accounts must be made within two months of the completion of the target of the grant, but by November 30 at the latest. If the target of the grant will be complete only in November or December, the timetable of the settlement of accounts must be agreed upon separately. 

Up to 50 % of the grant may be made in advance. This payment must be requested in writing.