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Week 42

Over-12 year olds can receive their first or second coronavirus vaccination without an appointment. At least 6-week time period between doses is required.

  • Kuokkala vaccination station Mon-Fri at 8-15
  • Killeri vaccination station Mon-Thu at 8-18, Fri at 8-15
  • Seppä shopping centre Mon-Fri at 9-17
  • Forum shopping centre Mon-Fri at 11-17.30
  • On Wednesday 20 October during the JYP ice hockey game in Jyväskylä at 17 onwards

On 17 October 85,6% of the Jyväskylä residents have received their first coronavirus vaccination and 74,7% have received their second dose of the coronavirus vaccination (source: THL).

The coronavirus vaccine protects you from infection by the novel coronavirus and the severe forms of illness it causes. A sufficient vaccination coverage can prevent the spread of the virus among the populace. The coronavirus vaccine is offered to the entire population free of charge.

Anyone over 12 years of age is eligible for the vaccine against COVID-19

Anyone over 12 years can get the vaccine against COVID-19 for free. You will receive appointment for a second vaccination when you receive the first dose at the vaccination station. You can get the second dose earlier. Six weeks interval between the first and second doses is required.

Persons at high risk of getting severe Covid-19 disease who entitled to receive a third dose of the vaccine will be contacted separately by health services.

Planning a trip abroad?

Consider the coronavirus requirements of the destination country as well as the restrictions regarding entry on the Finnish Border Guard’s website when travelling back.

Vaccination locations

The location of the vaccination will be selected when making the appointment. 

  • Kuokkala former health centre premises, address: Syöttäjänkatu 10 (unhindered access for persons with reduced mobility)
  • Killeri trotting race audience building, address: Vesangantie 24 (2nd floor, no elevator)
  • Container located in front of the Killeri trotting race audience building (unhindered access for persons with reduced mobility) 
  • Hankasalmi health centre
  • Uurainen health centre

Arriving at the vaccination location

  • Do not come for your vaccine if you have any symptoms matching those of COVID-19. 
  • Carry identification papers, such as an identity card.
  • Arrive in time for your appointment.
  • Use a face mask or visor.
  • Mind your hand hygiene.
  • Keep a distance of at least 2 metres to others.
  • Be prepared to stay at least 15 minutes after the administration for observation.
  • You can come to the vaccination location by car, by bicycle, on foot, or using public transport. If using public transport, remember to wear a mask.

Do I have to wear a mask after receiving the vaccine?

Even after receiving the vaccine, it is important to keep to a social distance, ensure hand and coughing hygiene, wear a mask, and get tested if symptoms appear. After vaccination, it will take several months to achieve protection against the disease throughout Finland.

When is my turn?

The coronavirus vaccine is offered to all who are 12 years old and above.

Please note that if you have already been infected with coronavirus, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) advises that the vaccine can only be taken 6 months after the infection has been detected.

Helpline for corona vaccionation questions 

You can ask by emailing to address: or call to helpline +358 14 266 1472. 

Corona vaccination

More information on the vaccines

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: COVID-19 vaccines 

Finnish Institute of health and welfare (THL): Vaccines and coronavirus

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