PA equipment

PA equipments are necessary almost in every event. The usage requires electricity and the availability must be investigated. PA usage often obligates to make a notification of noise as well (outdoor events). The notification consists of the assesment on the level of noise, distance of residential buildings and the time of the event. The notification is made at least 30 days before the event. Valid fee is collected of the notification.

In addition, the need for other necessary technical equipment is included in the planning phase of the event and when choosing the venue. It is important to find out how for instance telecommunications, lightning, screens, stages and other special effects are executed and used during the event. The plans are good to make in advance and make sure that the equipment is on time at the venue and in working condition.

Data and telecommunications availability is good to examine in advance. For instance, hotels can have WIFI- networks available but visitor networks can be available elsewhere as well.