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In Finland every child under school age (seven) is entitled to a place in day-care run by the municipality. The goal of the day-care services in Jyväskylä is to ensure that all children have the opportunity for a good childhood and meaningful development. The early education services aim at supporting balanced growth, development and learning as well as promoting the personal well-being of all children.

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Service times:

  • mon, tue and thu 9 - 12 (am.)
  • wed 12 - 15 (pm)
  • phone number 014 266 0180
  • visiting address Väinönkatu 1, 4th floor

Note! For the present, you can visit the Palveluohjaus Unit only by making an appointment. You can enquire about available free appointment times by e-mail: varhaiskasvatus.palveluohjaus(at) or varhaiskasvatus.asiakasmaksut(at) (client fees)

The City of Jyväskylä offers the following municipal day-care options

  • Municipal day-care centre
  • Family day-care
  • Evening care
  • Round the clock day care
  • Club and park services

You can find the day care centres at the map

Private day-care

The support system for private day-care gives parents the opportunity to choose one of the following options:

  • Private day-care centre
  • Private family-group day-care centre
  • Private childminder

To arrange for private day care, parents can choose one of the following forms of support:

You find the day care centres at the map

Pre-school education

In Finland, all children aged 6 must participate in pre-school education, which is provided free of charge. The minimum length of pre-primary education is 700 hours per year and approximately four hours per day. In Jyväskylä, pre-school education is provided at day-care centres. In addition to pre-school education, day care is provided to children who need it.