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Pre-school education

All 6-year-old children and those 5-year-old children who are included in extended compulsory education have the right also to a free pre-school education. Participating in pre-school education is optional. Pre-school education is given in the daycare centres and in some schools. The daycare centres and schools have a common curriculum.

Pre-school education follows the schedule for the school's academic year. Teaching is given on school days for approximately four hours a day.

Applying for pre-school education

The application forms are available from daycare centres and social welfare offices. If the child is also in need of daycare, applying for this is done using the same form. Application forms for both daycare places and pre-school education are returned to the local daycare centres.

More information tel. 014 569 0180

Service times: mon, tue and thu 9 - 12 (am.), wed 12 - 15 (pm)

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