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International Jyväskylä - Info Center teksti ja värikkäita raitoja logossa.

International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a multilingual service point, where one can get guidance and counseling on topics related to everyday living in 16 different languages.

International Jyväskylä – Info Center provides information on

  • living
  • working
  • studying
  • residence permit
  • social services and health care
  • leisure time activites
  • and many other topics

International Jyväskylä – Info Center provides service to everyone living in the Central Finland region, irrespective of the person’s background or reason for coming to Finland. Objective of this service is to support the integration of foreigners by providing information and counseling at the right time and by directing the clients to the relevant services. 

Service is free of cost and confidential.

NOTE! During the Corona pandamic, service can be used primarily by booking an appointment. Appointment can be booked by contacting our Guidance and Counseling Incharge.

Guidance and Counseling Time table: International Jyväskylä - Info Center, Asemakatu 4, 40100 Jyväskylä

  •  13-16 English
  •  13-16 Kinyarwanda, Swahili and French


  • 10-16 English
  • 13-16 Estonian & Russian


  • 10-16 English
  • 13-16 Thai, Lao


  • 13-16 Arabic


  • 10-14 English
  • 12-16 Persian & Dari
  • 14-16 Kurdish (Sorani ja Gurani)

All of our counselors speak Finnish language as well. Guidance and counseling in Turkish and Tigrinya language can be requested only via prior appointment.

Multilingual guidance and counseling can also be availed remotely using Micorsoft Teams. Please contact our counselors for more information. 

Short decription of International Jyväskylä - Info Center's services in different languages:



Local services

International Jyväskylä – Info Center’s counselors reach out to different parts of Jyväskylä and provide guidance and counseling to the local people. International Jyväskylä – Info Center does coperative work with ’Lähiöohjelma 2020–2022: Hyvinvointia ja elinvoimaa Huhtasuolle’ -project and provides services in Huhtasuo area once a week. In addition to this, International Jyväskylä – Info Center provides services in Multicultural Center Gloria twice a week.

Guidance and counseling timetable: Huhtasuon yhteistoimintapiste, Nevakatu 2 40340 Jyväskylä

During September 2021 - August 2022, every thursday  14-16

  • English
  • Estonian, Russian:  2.9., 23.9., 14.10., 4.11., 25.11., 16.12., 27.1., 17.2., 10.3., 31.3., 21.4., 12.5., 2.6., 23.6., 11.8.
  • Arabic:  9.9., 30.9., 21.10, 11.11., 2.12., 23.12., 13.1., 3.2., 24.2., 17.3., 7.4., 28.4., 19.5., 9.6.,30.6., 18.8.

Guidance and counseling timetable: Multicultural Center Gloria, Matarankatu 6 A 1, 40100 Jyväskylä

During September 2021 - August 2022, every thursday  12-14

  • English
  • Russian and Estonian


Initial Assessment in your own language

At International Jyväskylä – Info Center, one can request an inital assessment in own language, if the person is not registered as an unemployed job seeker and has not come to Jyväskylä as a refugee or asylum seeker. The initial assessment is meant to map out a person’s possible needs related to studies and language training, employment, socializing and networking, hobbies or any other aspect which could help the person integrate better into the local Finnish society. During the assessment, the person gets information about the services in Jyväskylä and is directed to the relevant services/activities based on the mapping done. 

Guidance and Counseling Services for Foreigners – development project

International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a service which is currently being developed under the project - Maahanmuuttajien ohjaus- ja neuvontapalvelujen kehittämishanke (Guidance and Couseling Services for foreigners) in cooperation with Info Gloria.

Guidance and Counseling Services for foreigners – development project is managed by City of Jyväskylä’s Employment services. The project is being jointly funded by the special allowance received from the Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment and the City of Jyväskylä. Goal of this project is to develop a plan for organising and implementing guidance and counseling services for foreigners in Jyväskylä.  Project’s extended operating time is 1.9.2021 – 31.8.2022. During this time, the project will offer and test above mentioned services for foreigners living in Jyväskylä, in cooperation with Info Gloria at the International Jyväskylä – Info Center.

For more information, please contact project coordinator Divya Narang


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Get to know International Jyväskylä - Info Center's counselors... 


Contact Us

Contact info

Address: Asemakatu 4,
40100 Jyväskylä

Divya Narang, Project Coordinator

Maarit Piruzdelan, Guidance and Counseling Incharge (English, Finnish)
p. 040 027 5163

Note! Counselors mentioned below can be contacted only during certain times according to the time table mentioned on the web page.

Nael Soukouti (Arabic, English, Finnish)
p. 050 302 4343

Papy Nkunda (Kinjarwanda, Swahili, French, English, Finnish)
p. 050 495 4401

Ali Moradi (Kurdish languages (Sorani, Gurani), Finnish)
p. 050 452 3981

Maryam Mousapour, Counselor (Persian, Dari, Finnish)
p. 050 495 4401

Taina Vilkkilä (Thai, Lao, English, Finnish)
p. 050 302 4343

Anna Randel (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish)
p. 050 495 4401


Information about coronavirus and vaccinations in different languages

English    Russian    French    Persian    Sorani  Arabic  Swahili    Somali    Thai    Kinyarwanda    Turkish


maahanmuuttaneiden osaamiskeskuksen logo

Expertise Center for Immigrants project (ESR) helps foreigners living in Jyväskylä/Central Finland in job search and the recognition of their skills. It provides customized services in the form of Finnish language trainings and individual guidance career counseling.