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Maahanmuuttajan työllistyminen. Image Jyrki Pitkänen

On this page, you find information on where in Jyväskylä or in the internet you can

Study Finnish

It is worthwhile to study Finnish! In Finland it is easier to find work if you know enough Finnish. The better your Finnish language skills are, the more and more varied job possibilities you have. Knowing the language will help you also in your everyday life, like taking care of practical matters and finding friends.

Short and full-time Finnish language courses in Jyväskylä

You can study and practice Finnish in many places. Here are our tips:

It depends on each course or activity what level of Finnish skills is required to participate. If you do not know your language proficiency level, discuss with the organizers.

  • If you are unemployed and know some Finnish, you can participate in our groups where Finnish skills are practised for specific work fields (like restaurant, health care, customer service). See our web pages for groups that are fully in Finnish or with some support in English.

Studying Finnish independently

There are many options for studying Finnish on your own via the Internet or using different apps. See our tips for web materials and apps:

This list presents links from following catefories:

  • basics of Finnish for beginners
  • Finnish for internediate level learners, including links especially for working life Finnish
  • advanced level Finnish
  • apps for learning Finnish.

The basic level links includes materials that you can use even if you don't yet know Finnish. Please, see 'Perustaso (0-A2) links in the list for them.

Also the InfoFinland website has listed options to study Finnish via the Internet: Finnish online.

Help, knowledge, activities

Info Center offers you help and advice for all kinds of everyday matters in 16 languages. Their office is in the same address as the Expertise Centre, Kilpisenkatu 1 D. See further information from their web page.

You can find information on living in Finland in Finnish and in 11 other languages for instance from Info Finland web page.

TE services have made many videos with topics on job searching and working life. You can find videos both in Finnish and in English from TE services YouTube channel. See also Northern Savonia TE services' Working and living in Finland -video series in YouTube.

Do things together in associtions and NGOs

Foreigners in Jyväskylä Facebook-group

International Working Women of Finland (IWWOF) Jyväskylä chapter

International Degree Student Community IDESCO