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Carbon Neutral Jyväskylä 2030 

The changing climate touches everyone of us and actors need to act on slowing it down, also in Jyväskylä. The City of Jyväskylä is set on achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. A carbon neutral city does not emit more carbon to the atmosphere than it can absorb from the atmosphere in its carbon sinks, for instance forests.  

The city works on carbon neutrality every day, together with residents, companies and the entire city consortium. A city can significantly reduce its climate stress by for instance carbon neutral district heating, promotion of sustainable transportation and steering services and construction towards compact and integral urban structure. The average city resident's daily choices can make a big difference in fighting climate change including the way we transit, what we eat, how we consume or utilise energy. 

Zero waste city of circular economy 

No waste is generated in the Jyväskylä of Future but all material will be recycled. The zero waste city is based on circular economy solutions and sustainable use of natural resources. It means that for instance products or materials are used for as long and as much as possible. The materials hold their value in spite of the use. 

Circular economy is already employed in many different procedures in Jyväskylä. One example is the local biogas production where fuel gas is recovered in the course of organic waste processes for transport uses. Recycling of soil masses at various stages of construction and between projects as well as reclaiming and reusing dismantled materials is also circular economy and may be required by the City when issuing invitations to tender for demolition contracts.  

Diverse nature is close to the residents’ daily life 

The goal of the City of Jyväskylä is to maintain and enhance nature’s diversity. The City has improved the state of natural environment, including various environmental restoration projects, for instance drained peatland. The network of conservation areas is being extended and forest diversity maintained by woodland conservation. The City forest programme combines ecological, landscape, economic and recreational needs and benefits of the city forests. 

Jyväskylä offers an excellent setting for those enjoying the natural environment. The city offers numerous easily accessible and diverse natural attractions for local residents. Use the map of nature stops to see, which bus to use to get close to your intended destination. The belt of green and recreational areas winding round the city centre, the Green Loop, brings nature to the visitors and residents’ doorstep in the city centre. Nature trails and bird-watching towers maintained by the City and other parties provide opportunities for hiking and observing nature around the city. 

Together towards more sustainable daily life 

Realisation of more sustainable daily living for Jyväskylä residents requires measures from everyone of us. Small deeds matter - be it saving energy in housing, preferring public transport or trying new, more sustainable food options. Various actors offer countless different solutions for living a more sustainable life every day. You can access the Jyväskylä Map Service for sustainable living to check for instance the location of the nearest flea market, waste collection point or clothes repair shop. 

The City of Jyväskylä seeks to encourage and activate local residents, companies and communities to daily resource-wisdom by communication, campaigns, events and projects. The City’s CIRCWASTE - the user-driven circular economy try-outs project tests ideas of circular economy provided by residents, companies and communities in practice for a short period. The City promotes responsible business activities through a network of environmentally responsible enterprises in Central Finland (abbreviated as YmpyräKS) together with the Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneurs in Central Finland, Regional Council of Central Finland, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and BioPaavo by Jamk. 

Towards resource-wise Jyväskylä

Here in Jyväskylä resource wisdom means sustainable acts in our life. It means looking after our environment and well-being together. We use energy sensibly and our premises can be flexibly used for many purposes. Our compact city is perfect for smart transit. We consume less and recycle effectively. Nature with its adventures is close by. 

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