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Fees for the academic year 2024-2025

•    If a child participates in Jälkkäri activities for more than 12 days per calendar month, the monthly fee is 150 euros.
•    If the participants participate in the activities for a maximum of 12 days per calendar month, the fee is EUR 110 per month.
•    The August operating fee is 110 euros for everyone.
The fee includes snacks, hobby clubs and accident insurance.

Fee reduction or exemption

Jälkkäri activities are free of charge for social assistance customers and on the basis of a statement from a child welfare and social worker or school social worker. For low-income families, the operating fee will be halved. The fee reduction or exemption does not apply to school holiday activities. The income limits laid down in the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care are used to determine whether a client family is at-risk-of-poverty. You can apply for a halving of the Jälkkäri contribution if the total gross income of the family does not exceed the maximum gross income determined by the size of the family.

The gross income limits entitling the payment to be halved:

  • a family of 2 persons, the income limit is 3874 euros / month  
  • a family of 3 people, the income limit is 4998 euros / month
  • a family of 4 people, the income limit is 5675 euros / month 
  • a family of 5 people, the income limit is 6353 euros / month  
  • a family of 6 people, the income limit is 7028 euros / month 
  • If the size of the family exceeds 6 persons, the income limit will be raised by EUR 262 for each underage child.

To apply for a fee reduction or exemption from payment, use the electronic form:
Application for reduction / waiver of the afterschool care fee (

More information
Elina Pasanen, tel. 014 569 2768 ja 
Kirsi Parkkinen, tel. 014 569 7351 
[email protected] 

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