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Iso ja pieni kävi vastakkain. Image Jiri Halttunen

Volunteering, what it means?

Voluntary activity describes unpaid activity undertaken by choice for the benefit of other people or nature. By volunteering, you can gain new experiences, know-how, and meaningful things to do. (Kansalaisareena)

What kind of volunteering there are?

  • Long-term and short-term
  • Regular and occasional
  • In nature and in the city
  • Interactive and independent
  • Culture and multiculturalism
  • Organized or outside the organization

Where can I volunteer?

In Jyväskylä area there are more than a hundred different places for organizes volunteer activities. It can be elderly people, families, sports, culture, digital services, animals... So many choices!

When considering volunteering, think about the following things:

  • Why do I want to volunteer?
  • What kind of activity am I interested in?
  • Which organization and activity matches my values?
  • How much time and energy can I use for volunteering?

How to get in to the volunteer work?

Most organizers tell about their volunteer tasks on their own websites. The easiest way to access them is with search using the words volunteering or voluntary work.

You can also join Vapaaehtoistoiminnan info, Information on volunteering -event. There you will get the basic information about volunteering and we will introduce some places where you can volunteer without or with less Finnish language skills. The event is open for everyone. Info is organized by the Jyväskylä Valikko-group. 

Register for it Information on volunteering -event
Volunteering info at 28.5. at 5-7- pm. will be in English. It will be at Multicultural Center Gloria, Matarankatu 6 A 1

You may contact us and we will tell you about voluntary work at Jyväskylä and help you to find the place which you are interested in.

If I don´t speak Finnish?

In most of the volunteering tasks you need to know at least some Finnish. But there are also places where you can volunteer in English. If you need help for finding a suitable place for volunteering, please, contact us! You can also book an appointment by e-mailing to [email protected] or by phone +358 40 575 8260. We will help you!