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Yliopiston opiskelijat kampuksella, Kauppakadun appro 2018. Image Riikka Kaakkurivaara

The housing costs in Jyväskylä are affordable. Student flats are mainly located in or close to the city centre. New, centrally located student housing is also being developed.

Even if no suitable accommodation can be found within the city centre,  the local transport services in Jyväskylä are excellent and the network of pedestrian and cycling routes is well maintained. As a rule of thumb, you can reach anywhere in Jyväskylä in 15 minutes!

Kortepohja Student Village

Surrounded by natural beauty, the popular student village Kortepohja is located within easy reach of the city centre and the schools and campuses. Apply for a student apartment.

Student housing services

All students, not only university students, are eligible for student accommodation. KOAS (Central Finland Student Housing Foundation) and private services providers such as OVV Housing Services offer rental apartments and rooms for all students from the secondary level upwards.

Opiskelijat pyöräilevät kampuksella. Image NitroID

Public transportation

Linkki (Jyväskylän seudun joukkoliikenne)
Fiksusti liikkeellä

Health services

YTHS (Ylioppilaiden terveydenhuoltosäätiö)
Opiskeluterveydenhuolto (Jyväskylän kaupunki)