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Yliopiston opiskelijat kampuksella, Kauppakadun appro 2018. Image Riikka Kaakkurivaara

The study offerings in Jyväskylä are extensive. There are four universities to choose from in addition to other educational institutions and Finland’s third-largest general upper secondary education and vocational training provider, Gradia.

All schools collaborate closely across disciplinary and organisational boundaries. Students benefit from the added value of an extensive course selection and joint students' sports services.

Edufutura Jyväskylä – JAMK, JYU and Gradia join forces  to provide the best possible quality in education through dynamic and flexible learning paths.

University of Jyväskylä (JYU)

  • One of the largest and most popular multidisciplinary universities in Finland.
  • 14 500 students and 2 500 experts.
  • The only faculty of Sport anf Health Sciences in Finland.
  • Jyväskylän yliopisto (JYU), #JYUnique

JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK)


  • Finland’s largest educational consortium and third largest provider of upper secondary education.
  • Over 24 000 students
  • Gradia, #gradiafi

Air Force Academy

  • Students 600 
  • Military training and higher education institute of the Finnish Air Force.
  • Provides training for the staffs, reservists and conscripts of the Finnish Defence Forces.
  • Ilmasotakoulu

Humak University of Applied Sciences (Humak)

Alkio College

  • One of Finland’s largest adult education institutes offering open university education in Korpilahti, near Jyväskylä.
  • 270 students all over Finland 
  • Alkio-opisto

Jyväskylä Christian Institute

  • General liberal education and basic and further vocational training.
  • Over 400 students.
  • Kristillinen opisto

Jyväskylä specialities

Edufutura Jyväskylä

  • learning, research, and development community based on collaboration of three leading education providers
  • Edufutura Jyväskylä

Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences