The Manga Pages – Amateurs of japanese comics

28 November, 2014 – 11 January, 2015
The Anime and Manga association Tsukiai presents

Welcome to The Manga Pages exhibition of art inspired by Japanese comics or Manga! Apart from enjoying the art in this exhibition, you are also invited to spend time in our reading corner to devour Mangas, or to sit at our drawing table to draw exhibition inspired images or to pour out your soul on paper. The resulting artwork can also be hung on the black board for others to admire.

Japan is Pop! exhibition series also extends to the doll and figurine collection “Nukkeilua” at the Museum of Central Finland and the “The World of Cosplay” at the Finnish Museum of Craft which delves into the Finnish appropriation of Cosplay and Japanese street-fashion. More information about these exhibitions can be found on the museum websites.

The Organizers: The Jyväskylä Anime and Manga association Tsukiai directed by Mikko Holopainen, Siina Kaakinen and Sari Ryynänen. Tsukiai has been operating in Jyväskylä for over 10 years. The association organizes weekly events on Japanese culture, video and board games and other activities for their members aged 18 to 30 or “young adults”. New faces are always welcome to these events and membership is only required for the video nights for copyright reasons. 
More information about the association and obtaining membership can be found from the website:

The Artists

Terhi Brander is a textile artisan student born in 1992. Her interest in Manga and Anime was inspired at the age of 13, by Arina Tanemura’s work. Her most active Japanese-style drawing period was between 2007 and 2011. Currently her drawings have been put aside, because of her textile studies. (

Satu Eskelinen, 24, is a student who draws comic inspired by both Japanese and Western cultures. Publishing her own comic book has been a long-time dream. 

Siina Kaakinen, aged 24, makes art sporadically when she is hit by a wave of inspiration.

Oona Kalso or “Soro” is a 21 year-old graphic design student with pure Jyväskylä blood. Her interest in Japanese Manga began in the summer of 2002 when she saw Dragonball Z. This interest has become a way of life which apart from Manga and Anime also includes Japanese music, fashion, video games, food and culture. (

Mia Mickels is a 20 year-old Art History student interested in Asian pop-culture. Her interests include everything between Cosplay, Anime, Manga and Asian videogames/films. Sometimes these interests slip into making art out of them. (

Pirre Lehti is a student born in '96 who enjoys drawing, music and photography. She is also interested in makeup and makeup art.

Vivian Lehti is a clothing design student born in '94, who is interested in drawing, music, crafts as well as other art forms of which Cosplay is the latest.

Sari Ryynänen is a fine arts and Japanese culture enthusiast who also draws/paints/makes crafts to the delight and amazement of her loved ones.

Valtteri Vert-Miller is a thirty year-old linguist, who has secretly dreamed of becoming an artist. In terms of music, guitar and vocals are his main instruments. And for fine arts, his preferred tools are the ballpoint pen, since childhood, and more recently the mystical watercolour paintbrush.

Tomi Vierimaa is a 23 year-old student and dreamer whose desire is to someday do something meaningful in the world. Drawing has always been his passion; architecture in particular. Japan and Japanese culture has always been an important part of his life, which comes through in his drawings. 

Kati Kyllönen
Salla Ojaniemi
Aki Pylväläinen
Anniina Samppala
Salla Väkeväinen

The following people have lent material to the Manga exhibition Terhi Brander, Chiruhime, Satu Eskelinen, Mikko Holopainen, Timo Holopainen, Siina Kaakinen, Maria Kalliokoski, Eetu Manninen, Petra Ojaniemi, Joonas Partanen, Ville Pirttimäki, Sari Ryynänen, Anniina Samppala, Mio Taalas and Sampo Vehmas.