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värikäs yksityiskohta täplikkäästä värikynäpiirroksesta. Image Cécile Bicler

The second part of a series of exhibitions by curator and artist Anna Ruth features five contemporary artists who reflect on the present moment and its digital influences. Horror films, news feeds and other media are weaved with textures, lines and colours.

- The current of this exhibition, is imbued with digital influence. The works offer a closer look at the present, at the perception of the now. The artists' use of the fractionated lines unites them and illustrates the multiplicity of our connections, but also their disappearance. The thread of this exhibition weaves us closer, in our endless search for commonality," says curator Anna Ruth.

The first part of the exhibition series was on display in the Art Museum Gallery in spring 2024. The exhibition series is organized with the support of the National Board of Antiquities.


Cécile Bicler (b. 1977, France) lives and works in Paris. Bicler comes from a background in video-collage, and has extensive knowledge of Horror Films which she researched and almost exclusively used as her base material for almost two decades. At present, she draws. Through drawing, Bicler strives to convey the passion and inundation of conflicting feelings we have for one another. Using rough, almost violent marks her expressive coloured pencil drawings portray people from films or life.  

Samuel Lehikoinen (b. 1990, Jyväskylä) is a 2023 graduate of the Tartu Academy of Fine Arts. Lehikoinen’s detailed paintings are a psychological endeavour similar to a meditative marathon. Careful, rhythmic brushstrokes settle next to each other forming flawless optical illusions. In their perfection, the work conceals the challenge, effort and patience required in the creation process, and in the process, brings solace.  

Anna Ting Möller (b. 1991 in Hunan, China) lives and works in New York and Stockholm. Möller holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Columbia University in New York. Möller’s work is an interdependent collaboration with a living Kombucha. The historical and symbolic reference along with the process of physically caring for the live material, are acutely relevant to the work on both a practical as well as personal level. The charnel allure of the Kombucha exposes the vulnerability of life but also includes the violence of separation and domination.    

Vidha Saumya (b. 1984 Patna, India) is a Helsinki-based poet and visual artist. Her work softly filters the harsh flood of daily information from the internet. One of her many tools of expression is the fine craft of cross-stiching, which she uses to translate these digital pictures. Saumya’s colourful threads sew the horrors of the news and violence into beautiful, abstract images, as if mending the wrongs with each cross. Saumya is one of Finland's representatives at the Venice Biennale 2024. 

Johanna Pöykkö (b. 1977 in Rovaniemi) is a textile and visual artist from Oulu, Finland, who is passionate about spatial works. Her art deals with the human relationship to others and the world around us. Pöykkö uses cotton sheets as her main material. 

Värikynäpiirros, jossa kirkkaista väriläiskistä muodostuu kasvot. Image Cécile Bicler

Cécile Bicler, Un grand trou bleu, 2024, crayon on paper