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Museums and Galleries

Cultural history from Central Finland, fascinating art exhibitions and various craft phenomena - welcome to Jyväskylä's museums and galleries!

The Museum of Central Finland, more familiarly known as KeMu, takes visitors on a journey through time from ancient Stone Age sites to the technological boom of the turn of the millennium. In addition, KeMu presents a wide range of everyday phenomena, art and culture — always with an interesting, topical and Central Finnish touch.
Jyväskylä Art museum exhibits fascinating phenomena of contemporary art, Central Finnish fine art, Finnish and international graphic art and drawings. The museum also focuses on accessibility and public participation in the visual arts.
The Craft Museum of Finland is a specialized museum for handicraft covering entire Finland. It tells the story of Finnish craftsmanship as part of the fabric of history. Behind the unobtrusive façade in the heart of Jyväskylä, there are experiences for all the senses and all ages.
There are also interesting exhibitions at the University Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Finnish Air Force Museum.
Check out the exhibitions and events and come visit us!