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Hippos hanke 2020. Image PES-Arkkitehdit Oy
  • Kangas is a new, ecological district near Jyväskylä city centre. The old paper mill area will turn to a home to 5 000 inhabitants and 2 100 new jobs. A number of businesses and residents have already moved into the area.
  • Hippos2020 - A sports and wellness centre, Finland's largest hub for sports, exercise and professional athletics. Of the EUR 220-250 million investment, nearly 90% is covered by private investors. 
  • Hospital Nova and Kukkula – The new Hospital Nova is scheduled to be completed in 2020. New and innovative solutions where technology will be integrated into the care and recovery, energy consumption and wise use of materials. The area called Kukkula will serve a hub for businessess, educational institutions, researches, customers and health professionals.
  • City Centre 3.0. revives the city centre’s attraction as a location for speciality stores and secures its superior status as a centre for events, entertainment and leisure.
  • Eteläportti offers a modern smart technology environment for companies engaged in industrial manufacturing and the provision of complementary services. Eteläportti promotes sustainable development and smart solutions by creating networks that help companies succeed.