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Updated information on the Coronavirus

The City of Jyväskylä’s Pupil and student support services are designed to promote health, welfare and learning across our schools and other educational establishments. They are available both on a direct one-on-one basis but also offered in communal and group settings. The content of the services is set out in the curriculum, and all staff, including teachers, school psychologists, student welfare advisors, school nurses and school doctors, contribute to their delivery.

Each school has a pupil and student support plan in place that’s designed to enable more cohesive service delivery. All schools also have their own multi-disciplinary student services teams. The teams’ role is to promote safety and wellbeing for the entire school community.

Students, parents and teachers can all contact these teams directly if they need advice or support.

If necessary, staff from the student support and healthcare teams will work together with other service providers and officials and consult other relevant staff to deliver care and support to students. All services are provided in the strictest of confidence and they are free for under 18s.


For further information, please contact:  
Seppo Huhtiniemi, Service Manager, tel: 050 563 2418