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pyöräilijät rantaraitilla


Many people in Jyväskylä use a bicycle, especially during the summer. Special cycle paths must be followed when cycling and if there is no cycle path, the cyclist must use the roadway. Cycling is prohibited on the pavement unless there is a road sign showing it is also a cycle path. Jyväskylä’s cycle routes are marked on the Cycle Route-map that can be bought from Jyväskylä Region Tourist Office. There are special cycle parks in the city centre that have space for bicycles. One of the cycle parks is next to Kirkkopuisto.

Information on car and bike hire from Visit Jyväskylä (Jyväskylä Region Tourist Office).

Cycle Route map

Link to free biking map (pdf)

Piirretty kartta Jyväsjärven ympäri kulkevasta pyöräilyreitistä