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pyöräilijät rantaraitilla. Image Tero Takalo-Eskola


Many people in Jyväskylä use a bicycle, especially during the summer. Special cycle paths must be followed when cycling and if there is no cycle path, the cyclist must use the roadway. Cycling is prohibited on the pavement unless there is a road sign showing it is also a cycle path.

Jyväskylä’s cycle routes are marked on the Cycle Route-map. You can get Cycle Route-maps from Jyväskylä Region Tourist Office for free.

Information on car and bike hire from Visit Jyväskylä (Jyväskylä Region Tourist Office).

Ride the Blue Loops

Jyväskylä’s local cycle routes around Lake Jyväsjärvi, Lake Palokkajärvi and Lake Tuomiojärvi, also known as the Blue Loops, offer great opportunities for exploring the area by bike. 

Check out our top tips on the map for what to see along the way! 
There’s loads to see and do around Lake Jyväsjärvi. The scenery on the north shore is more built up, while Kuokkala has open pastures and beautiful pristine nature. The longest and most continuous of the routes is the Rantaraitti trail, which will soon be home to Finland’s largest outdoor gym. Lots of outdoor exercise installations have already been introduced and more are expected in the near future. There are plenty of opportunities for getting a great workout here. 
The Rantaraitti trail is relatively flat and paved throughout. The total length is 12.7 km. If you prefer, you can use the bridges to shorten the route. You could try the 5.9 kilometre-long Mattilanniemi–Kuokkala Bridge or add Äijälä, which brings the total distance to 8.3 km.

After you’ve finished Rantaraitti, head over to Lake Tuomiojärvi. The waterfront trails here will be upgraded in the next few years, to allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful setting whether they’re biking or on foot. The southern end of Lake Tuomiojärvi is more urban and the north shore is also gradually being developed. Our focus is on introducing new recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Lake Tuomiojärvi remains more natural with less development than what you’ll see at Lake Jyväsjärvi. The routes here are mostly gravel trails. The total length of the Lake Tuomiojärvi trail is 13.4 km. 

At Lake Palokkajärvi, the trail takes you right to the water’s edge, and there are lots of wonderful rest stops along the way. At Lohikoski and Palokka, the route is mainly gravel. The total length of this trail is 9.8 km.

Cycle Route map

Link to free biking map (pdf)

Piirretty kartta Jyväsjärven ympäri kulkevasta pyöräilyreitistä. Image Kaisa Ristimella