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Kuntaranking 2023 tulokset. Image EK
According to the Municipal ranking study published by EK (Confederation of Finnish Industries), the Jyväskylä region still remains among the most business-friendly regions in Finland. In the comparison of 25 regions, Jyväskylä ranked 9th in the top 10 among large cities. Companies in the region evaluate the city's business policy and business climate more positively than the national average.

Municipal ranking, which is carried out every two years, measures the attractiveness of different regions of Finland in terms of business activities and sheds light on how good the operating environment is for local companies, and highlights the region's strengths and development targets.

There were a total of 25 regions in the Municipal ranking comparison. The results of the Jyväskylä region covered statistical data and business survey responses from the following municipalities: Hankasalmi, Jyväskylä, Laukaa, Muurame, Petäjävesi, Toivakka, and Uurainen

In general, the municipalities received the highest marks in the measurement history from their own companies. The business policy pursued by the municipalities and the local business climate clearly receive more praise from companies than criticism. Criticism is widespread, however, and on average the overall rating given by the companies was reasonable at most.

In the evaluations of the companies, the following factors particularly influenced the ranking of the companies: the business orientation of municipal decision-making (e.g. municipal policy decision-making, smoothness of permitting and zoning, consideration of business effects in decisions), public Business Services in the own area (consulting, financing, premises) and the opportunity to participate in the production of services (competition with municipal companies, public procurement)

In Jyväskylä, the municipality's business policy and business climate are well

The Jyväskylä region is still among the top ten regions, but the ranking dropped a few notches compared to the 2021 survey. Companies in the area evaluate the business policy of their home municipality and the local business climate more positively than average.

The overall result is partly explained by the fact that the views of companies in other regions have developed in a better direction and, among other things, Tampere, Lahti, and Porvoo, as a new regional municipality, have risen above Jyväskylä in the survey results.

- Although the results decreased slightly, we are satisfied that in the Jyväskylä region, companies' assessments of business policy and the business climate are still more positive than the average level, says Jyväskylä City Business Director Anne Sandelin.

On the other hand, the opinions were slightly more critical than last time when asked about the suitability of the geographical location for business activities.

The results show that the entrepreneurs evaluate the location of the Jyväskylä region as average for business activities. We must continue strong advocacy so that Jyväskylä's accessibility improves and road and rail transport projects that are central to the city progress without forgetting the continuation of air traffic, city mayor Timo Koivisto sums up.

More information:

Mayor of Jyväskylä, Timo Koivisto, Tel. 050 336 2819, timo.koivisto[at]
Business manager, Anne Sandelin, Tel. 040 581 9958, anne.sandelin[at]