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Näyttely arkiston taustakuva 5

Short films by artists and citizens
19 October – 3 December

Exhibition Our Land! shows works by Finnish videographers. These videos are products of the Yle's (Yleisradio, Finnish broadcasting company) archival film clips. Dozens of video amateurs also used the same material to make new videos. The language of the videos is Finnish.

Mika Taanila represents the cream of the professional videographers, whose films were simultaneously shown in both London, England and the opening of this exhibition in Jyväskylä. Taanila has made three videos from the Yle archives.

Together with Taanila, the artists Sami van Ingen, Timo Wright and the group Tehonrakentajat (power builders) formed the frame work for this exhibition in Jyväskylä.

In addition to these artists, there are small theatre-like spaces into which you can dive: Kino Outo (strange theatre), Kino Työ (work theatre) or Kino Kannanotto (opinion theatre). The work in these theatres shows the incredible level of rich imagination and technical ability by Finnish video enthusiasts and professionals. Of course sometimes enthusiasm and belief in one’s own idea surpass the boundaries of technical ability, but the results are just as fascinating.

The exhibition also includes a medley released during the summer, made from a music-video compilation: showing what kinds of music-videos people have made for the rap artist Pyhimys’s new national anthem.

The opening on Thursday on the 19th of October, at 6 pm - 8 pm.

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