Sampo Malin Converted truth

22 January – 28 February

My exhibition deals with the purpose and distribution of information. I continuously come across different deliberate misrepresentations of information, in various situations, which is sometimes so distorted that it almost becomes transparent. Distorted or deliberately altered forms of information can be found in all different kinds of situations from the news to letters to the editor.

The information receiver might have great difficulty distinguishing between true and false information. The given information might quote from quite un-scientific publications, which to the untrained eye might appear to be real, independent research based scientific papers.

What is the purpose of this kind of information that is purposely falsified to make a point? Especially when the information receiver knows that the information has been distorted or intentionally falsified. In this case, function of both the presenter and the receiver of information is futile. Regardless, it seems that the ring game of our society plays into this kind of empty communication without anyone interfering with the game. Slowly word choice intensifies and reasoning might become less coherent. The goal is to get the message through by any means. An individual’s opinion is expressed as the general opinion, and credentials and morals are created by a small group of people.

The influence of information is intensified and spread everywhere where there are economic and political interests or discussions. Being caught for intentionally falsifying information is a bit embarrassing but it is not condoned. Sometimes it is not even embarrassing.

About my art:
For me the white cube or a box form presented in a specific space for art is about presence of art. In my work the white box replaces the art-object so that the viewer does not need to focus on its interpretation. The box does not give the viewer any direct emotion or position but offers a space for the viewer to create it themselves. The white box brings attention to its environment and we, the viewers, are free to create the story around the box. My work raises questions of: What happened, what is happening and what will happen? 

With my newer work, the size of the white box is of human dimensions. The boxes represent people without carefully defined features. I often use photographs and transparent material to create an illusion on the line between the real and imaginary. With the use of reflective elements I also make the viewer a part of the work.

- Sampo Malin