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Yrttisuon perhepuiston leikkivälineitä. Image Timo Mattila

Jyväskylä has about 150 parks and 100 playgrounds which are available for everyone free of charge. You can find all the playgrounds on map and parks on the map.

The most popular playgrounds

The Viitaniemi traffic park

Lapsi liikennepuistossa. Image Kimmo Rampanen

In the Viitaniemi traffic park children can ride pedal cars during the official opening hours of the park in summer. Traffic park is free of charge. Please, remember to take your own helmet with you. 

Address of traffic park: Eeronkatu 15
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-17, Saturday 10-14.
Location on map

Harju Ridge

Tyttö juoksee Harjulla. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

Jyväskylä’s city centre locates between lake Jyväsjärvi and Harju. There are a observation tower, Natural History Museum of Central Finland and a restaurant at Harju. Harju Ridge is a popular green area in the centre of the city. Harju area features also a summer theatre and a network of footpaths.

Interactive equipments

Lapset tanssivat. Image Yalp

Interactive equipments combine sport and fun. You can find interactive equipments in Pupuhuhta park (location on map) and Tammirinne park (location on map). In Pupuhuhta you can find equipments called Sona and Sutu and in Tammirinne an equipment called Memo. Interactive equipments will be on everyday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


The Sona play arch is fitted with a motion sensor camera that tracks the players movements on the mat underneath. The games are based on movement, with lights and music used to give feedback. You can use the Sona together as a group to access higher levels on the games, have a dance competition or just use it to create weird and fun sounds. Watch the video on Sona play arch.


The Sutu football wall is fitted with panels that are designed to measure the speed of your ball hitting it and respond to what you are doing. The flashing LED lights and speakers provide feedback and encouragement. The wall is fitted with ten games that are designed to get you moving, practising and developing your skills. Watch the video on Sutu.


Memo is an exciting and fun playset that gives kids and adults plenty of physical exercise and an educative dimension. The balanced mix between being fun and physically challenging is achieved through the fun and sporty games. There are 10 different math and memory games which train the brain. Watch the video on Memo.