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School year 2023-2024

Autumn term begins on Wednesday 9th of August 2023
Autumn holiday: 16th -20st October 2023
Autumn term ends 21st December 2023
Christmas holiday 22nd December 2023 - 6th January 2024

Spring term begins on Monday 8th January 2024
Winter holiday: 26th February - 1st March 2024
School year ends on Saturday 1st June 2024

School year 2024-2025

Autumn term begins on Thursday 8th of August 2024

Autumn holiday: 14th-18th October 2024 
Autumn term ends 20th December 2024
Christmas holiday 21st December 2024 -6 th January 2025

Spring term begins on Tuesday 7th January 2025

Winter holiday: 24th -28th February 2025 
School year ends on Saturday 31st May 2025

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