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To first year

Compulsory education begins the year the child turns seven. A new school year always begins in August. Usually, the child goes to the school which is closest to his or her home. For the first to second years, if the distance to the school exceeds 3.5 kilometres, the City provides school transport. A school other than the nearest school must be applied for separately. Admission to another school depends on the capacity available at the school. If the child attends a school other than the nearest one, commuting to school is not compensated for, regardless of the distance.

Registration for first year takes place annually at the beginning of the year. The registration period is announced separately each year.

When choosing students, priority is given to statutory school age children living in Jyväskylä.

Starting school earlier or later than usual

The child can also start school a year earlier or later if there are weighty grounds for it. An informal application can be sent to the headmaster of the school, and statements from doctors, psychologists or daycare centres can be included in the application.

Advice for psychological tests is given from the daycare centres or child health centres.

Start-class (a class for preparing children for school)

Start-class is meant for children who would benefit from postponing the beginning of school. In the current school year classes are in the schools of Janakka, Kangasvuori, Kypärämäki, Kuokkala and Puistokatu.

The decision to accept a child into the start-class is made by the headmaster and is based on statements given by specialists.

The classes have students from all around the city. During the preparative year it is decided whether the student continues in the first or second year the following year.

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