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Oravien aarteet -näyttelyn Pekan huone

Until 6.1.2019 

Welcome to the Orava Family’s home from the 1960’s!

Visitors can roam around freely touching furniture and objects as they wish. You can also play the piano, draw, listen to the radio or flip through the family album.
How did cloths from the 60’s look and fell? All of the clothes, shoes and accessories left in the vestibule can be touched and tried on.
Just remember to respect the Orava family’s home, possessions and artwork.

Association of Finnish Printmaking Collection Exhibition: The Orava Family’s Treasures – Prints in a 1960’s home

The Jyväskylä Art Museum’s permanent collection exhibition “The Orava Family’s Treasures – Prints in a 1960’s home” was compiled with work from the Association of Finnish Printmakers collection. In the Orava’s home 92 prints by 53 different artists are on display. The prints shown in this exhibition are part of a larger collection of prints in the Jyväskylä Art Museum’s care. The larger collection was originally transferred from the Finnish Printmaker’s Association in 1998, and consists of over 5 000 artworks by 270 artists.

The Orava’s are an imaginary family living in the 1960s, who have collected, received and inherited Finnish prints. The Orava’s home has an elegant living room complete with a reading corner, dining room, three bedrooms, Father’s office and a playroom for the family’s youngest. The artworks, hung in the house, were chosen according to the family member’s interests and activities. The furniture, authentically form 1950’s and 60’s, was received as gifts or bought from individuals.