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Riitta Uusitalon seinämaalaus Miltä näyttää aika -näyttelyssä. Kuvaa käytettiin näyttelyn julisteessa. Kuva: Hannu-Pekka Auraneva. Image Jyväskylän taidemuseo

Jyväskylä's museums offer fascinating experiences for the whole family! In addition to exhibitions and events, the museums are a great place to celebrate birthdays, take part in workshops, try out image navigation or baby colour baths.

Aalto2 Museum Centre

The Museum of Central Finland

A changing table and a potty are available.

The permanent exhibition of The Museum of Central Finland (KeMu), Exploring Central Finland, is a great way for the youngest members of the family to get to know Central Finland. They can try their hand at making their own rock paintings using modern techniques, meet a mythical bear and experience life in the past by examining objects and listening to stories. What would it be like to step into a smoke sauna, visit a market, sit at an old school desk or jump behind the wheel of a rally car? You'll also take a unique journey back to Jyväskylä over a hundred years ago, guided by young Alvar Aalto.

Play room Nappula

Nappula play room is located on the second floor of the museum. It offers activities for the whole family to do on their own while visiting the exhibition.

Wolmar, the regional bunny

KeMu's own mascot, Wolmar, will guide the little ones to the secrets of Central Finland. Ask for a map at the museum's information desk and see if you can find Wolmar's very own comic strip hidden in a corridor of the museum! Wolmar is also available in person at certain events - check the museum's website for more information!

Maakuntapupu Wolmar Keskisuomalaisuutta etsimässä -kuvatarinaan voi tutustua KeMun pysyvässä näyttelyssä. Image Ina Majaniemi

Jyväskylä Art Museum

A changing table, a potty and pushchairs are available.

Open workshop

Children are welcome on Fridays from 14-17 to the Open workshop, which is free for everyone. In the workshop you can paint or draw with different tools. There will be an instructor on hand to give you tips. The workshop is open during the spring and autumn seasons.

Art space Ilmiö

On the third floor of the Art Museum is a space where you can come to hang out, play games or have fun observing phenomena in art and science. There are things to play with, such as a whirligig, puzzles and an RGB wall of light, which reflects shadows in a joyfully colourful way. Soft furnishings and sack chairs are perfect for relaxing and exploring art books. There is also a City of Light exhibition room with a variety of light works.

Soothing baby colour bath

A multi-sensory art school for the youngest in the family, aged 4 months to 2 years, gives little ones the chance to express themselves visually with natural colours. The lessons are accompanied by musical elements such as songs, chants and listening to music. There is an admission fee for the event.

The baby colour bath takes place 2-4 times a year on Saturdays. For more information and to register, visit the Art Museum's website and the city's events calendar.

Harlequin parties

Give your child a harlequin birthday party at Jyväskylä Art Museum! The programme consists of a tour of the exhibition, a DIY activity and, of course, gift-giving and a treat. You'll learn about the exhibition through fun games and you’ll also be able to create a mask, headdress, jewellery, print or other artwork to take home. The parties take place mainly on weekends during the museum's opening hours. Invitations are limited to 10 guests. The programme lasts 2 hours. There will be a supervisor on site, with whom the theme of the party can be agreed.

The Craft Museum of Finland

A changing table, a potty and pushchairs are available.

Open workshop

In the open workshop of The Craft Museum of Finland you can make your own crafts. It's something for the whole family to do. The workshop provides visitors with ideas, instructions, materials and tools for a wide range of crafts. Use of the open workshop is included in the museum admission fee and the materials fee is based on the materials used. The open workshop is available during the museum's opening hours.

Sensory Space

While it is normally not allowed to touch museum objects, the Sensory Space offers a touch point for all the senses, with objects brought within reach. You can sit down and listen to the sounds of craftsmanship, try on clothes, smell the smells of handicrafts from the past, taste caramel or just look around.

Birthday parties

Want to give your child a memorable and personalised birthday party? Celebrate at the museum! The birthday party is a chance to explore the exhibition and make crafts in the museum's workshop. Birthday parties are best suited for children aged 6-12 and the recommended group size is maximum 10 people. At least one adult responsible for the children must be present.

Story Trail

Operation Red Thread is a children's story trail that can be done with an adult to complete the Päkäpassi. The tour is best suited to primary school children who are learning to read. Some of the activities are suitable for three-year-olds and some for adults. The museum's sheep, Päkä, will help you with this operation. Ask at the museum's information desk for the Päkäpassi, which includes directions to the story trail.