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Kävijöitä taidemuseon näyttelyssä. Image Tarja Poikonen

Museum with national responsibility

The Craft Museum of Finland is a national museum of crafts and craftsmanship which includes The National Costume Center of Finland and The Conservation Centre. The museum preserves, maintains, stores and promotes Finnish craft culture, craft tradition, knowledge and skills. The museum's tasks include maintaining national registers of the museum collections of its speciality and cooperation between museums of the same speciality.

The Craft Museum of Finland


The exhibitions of The Craft Museum of Finland present crafts as a profession, art and hobby. National and international temporary exhibitions present interpretations of craft and broaden our understanding of it. There are three main temporary exhibitions each year, as well as a number of smaller exhibitions. The museum produces nationwide travelling exhibitions and the museum's five loanable material portfolios are used throughout Finland.

The museum's permanent exhibitions explore the role of crafts in Finnish society through the museum's collections, examine crafts as part of the arc of history and admire the festive costumes of bygone times in the basic exhibition of The National Costume Center of Finland.

The aim of the museum's exhibitions is to create experiences and to convey and increase knowledge of phenomena from different perspectives of craftsmanship. In addition to the museum's own collections, the exhibitions also include collections from other museums and other institutions, as well as from private individuals. The museum's exhibitions can be explored online in a variety of ways: through videos, texts, images, online resources or mobile guides.

The National Costume Center of Finland

The National Costume Center of Finland carries out research, training and advice in its field, and organises exhibitions and events.

The Conservation Center

The Conservation Center provides advice and guidance on preserving your precious and beloved textiles.

Information services

The Information Service of The Craft Museum of Finland, which operates nationally and internationally, seeks answers to craft-related questions from customers and actively provides information on the museum's collections to researchers and students in the field. The museum specialises in the identification of patterns for quilts and quilting.

Collection services

The museum accepts at its discretion new and old material, mainly made or used in Finland, related to crafts or craftsmanship, such as objects, folk costumes, photographs, archival material and books related to craftsmanship, craftspeople or their work.

Other services

The Craft Museum of Finland is an information center for the field, providing centralised archive, library and information services for the crafts sector from a single location.  As a museum with national responsility it contributes to the preservation, visibility and accessibility of craft knowledge.

Museums with regional responsibility

The Museum of Central Finland and Jyväskylä Art Museum operate as museums with regional responsibility in Central Finland. The Museum of Central Finland promotes regional museum operations and carries out cultural environment work, while Jyväskylä Art Museum implements regional art museum tasks.

The Museum of Central Finland

Archaeological information service

The Museum of Central Finland provides advice and guidance on archaeological sites and finds. Paid expert archaeological services include inventories, excavations, reconstructions of objects and major restorations of the past for companies, communities and municipalities. Potential antiquities or unusual old objects found on the ground in the region can be reported to the Museum of Central Finland.

Building research and protection

The Museum of Central Finland provides information on the built cultural environment of Central Finland. The collections of building research and the various expert services of KeMu are available to all. The museum's building researchers can advise on conservation, restoration and planning projects. They also carry out surveys and site visits as part of their advice on heritage management. Building inventories can be ordered from the Museum of Central Finland for the Central Finland region. The museum also acts as a supervisor of the grants for the restoration of buildings and cultural heritage sites awarded by the Finnish Heritage Agency in its region.

Photos and archive

The archives of the Museum of Central Finland can be primarily accessed through Some of the museum's images are also available for public browsing and electronic ordering through the City of Jyväskylä's image management system. The museum also provides advice on matters related to the images.

Objects and art

The Museum of Central Finland provides guidance and advice on objects and art and their preservation. The museum's collections of art and artefacts can be consulted for research purposes, for example.

Local museums

The Museum of Central Finland advises and guides local museums in the region on the storage, cataloguing, care and preservation of museum objects, museum building renovation, exhibition planning and implementation, and museum accessibility. The Museum of Central Finland provides a collection management system for cataloguing local museum objects


The Museum of Central Finland provides guidance and advice on the handling and conservation of objects. The conservator of the Museum of Central Finland also participates in advising local museums on the maintenance of their buildings and supervising restoration projects of the provincial building heritage.

Jyväskylä Art Museum

Exhibitions and events

Jyväskylä Art Museum produces exhibitions and events in cooperation with the Central Finland region and other visual arts organisations. The focus of the exhibitions is on art from Central Finland and art related to Central Finland. The museum also presents art of national and international interest to the public and tourists in Central Finland. The museum offers advice on the exhibition process and event production.

Museum education services

Jyväskylä Art Museum provides museum education services in the Central Finland region in cooperation with various actors. The museum lends exhibitions and educational packages free of charge to schools, educational institutions and study circles. The services of an educational curator are available to schools and educational institutions for the preparation of self-guided or guided museum visits.

Collections and research

The main art collections of Jyväskylä Art Museum include art from or related to Central Finland, as well as national and international prints. Contemporary documentation is used to record information about the region's visual artists and art phenomena. Jyväskylä Art Museum promotes cooperation between museums in the region. The museum's archives, databases, library and collections are open by appointment to researchers, scholars and art enthusiasts.

The focus of research is on visual art from and related to Central Finland. As a producer and populariser of information, the museum communicates research information to the public through exhibitions, books, online publications, lectures and guided tours. Online research resources are available at


Jyväskylä Art Museum provides guidance and advice on conservation and handling of works of art. The museum's conservator Veera López-Lehto (050 465 0316) consults on collection management for professional museums in the region.

Museum shop

Jyväskylä Art Museum's museum shop has a wide range of products from Central Finnish artists and producers, from postcards to brooches and music. Every year, the museum organises a Christmas Art Bazaar, where Central Finnish artists and representatives of other artistic disciplines can apply to become vendors.

Ratamo Graphics and Photography Centre

Ratamo is a meeting place for people interested in graphics and photography in Central Finland. Gallery Ratamo hosts monthly changing exhibitions of graphic art, drawings and photography. Open calls for artists are organised annually. Graphic design and photography workshops offer guided courses and workshops for professionals and amateurs. Professional artists and more advanced amateurs can also rent the space for independent work. The Ratamo gallery shop sells graphic prints by artists from Central Finland.