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Kävijöitä taidemuseon näyttelyssä. Image Tarja Poikonen

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, museums organize various events, guided tours and activities, such as lectures and seminars, work demonstrations, artist meetings and concerts.

It is also possible to make things yourself in the museums. The open workshops are either guided or self-guided. Jyväskylä Art Museum's workshop is open to anyone interested in drawing, while the workshop of The Craft Museum of Finland offers the possibility to use a sewing machine and a planing bench, for example. Guided workshops are also organized at the Cratfsmen's Houses and at play room Nappula at The Museum of Central Finland, with varying themes.

Museum services for the elderly include material and memory portfolios available for borrowing, various online exhibitions and events such as memory-friendly museum tours.

Museum services for families with children include baby colour baths, Harlequin parties, play room Nappula, Story Trail and Sensory Space.