Artist Residencies

Artist Residency, 1 month, October 2020

What is included for the residency:

  • free accommodation at the guest room in the city
  • free working at the printshop (except plates, papers and special materials)
  • a grant of 300 € for living and material costs

What is needed?

  • application form (pdf)
  • A curriculum vitae 
  • A working plan  
  • 6-10 digital images with clear description 

Please send the application form, CV, working plan, images  before 30th April 2020 by email: ratamo(a)

Printmaking center has had one month residency in October since 2010.

In 2018 started new 3 months residency which is organised with The Centre for Creative Photography every second year for the printmakes and every second year for the photographers.

Our previous residency artists were
2010 Aya Imamura (Japan) 
2011 Fiona Kelly (Ireland) 
2012 Conall Cary (Ireland) 
2013 Ausma Šmite (Latvia) 
2014 Joana Kairiené (Lithuania)  
2015 Vladimir Leleiva (Lithuania)
2016 Sandra Blichert (Denmark)
2017 Georgina Berens (South Africa)
2018 Cléa Darnaud (France), 3 months
         Amy Sterly (UK), 1 month
2019 Tanuja Rane (India), 1 month


A six-month residency, at three-year intervals, for a young European printmaker through the Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artistes residency programme has been ended.

Our Pépinières residency artists were: 1996  Elizabeth Hobbs, (Great Britain), 1999 Joy Gerrard (Ireland), 2002 Anna Ruth (France/Canada), 2006 Véronique La Perrière M., (Quebec/Canada), 2009 Fernando Garcia (Spain) and 2013 Fiona Kelly (Ireland).