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Ratamo, Babelin torni
Ratamo Babel avajaiset
Opening of Project Babel. Photo, Tiina Salminen


On December 14th 2023, the first Babel exhibition was open in Galleria Ratamo at last! Also, we had 22 of the participants here in the opening on December 13th even from abroad.


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Istituto Italiano di Cultura Helsinki has funded one artist's travel costs to the opening.


December 2023   Opening of the exhibition Wed 13th December 5pm -7pm

October 2023   The travelling exhibitions of Project Babel in 2024 are planned as follows. Constellation Studios, Nebraska, USA, from April 12th to May 24th
Galleri Valdal (Tolstrup Pryds Grafisk), Copenhagen, Denmark, from August 3rd to 31st 

August 2023   The print release was sent to the studios and art magazines. 

August 2023   Team Babel collects information, stories and photos of the studios for the exhibition. 

July 2023   Organizing the arrived Babel works began.

June 2023   Lots of Babel works arrived in Ratamo!

9 March 2023   The first segment of the Babel work arrived in Ratamo from France. 

13 Feb 2023     Team Babel created an Instagram account for the project. The account name is printmaking_project_babel with the hashtag #project_babel. 

5 Feb 2023     All the participating printmakers received their segments, the positioning map and the instructions. They are ready to start creating their own works. 

27 Dec 2022   Team Babel sent the segment images to the fellow printmaking studios.

1 Dec 2022     Team Babel organized a lottery to share the segments to the participants.

1 Dec 2022     Team Babel confirmed the participants.
We are very happy to announce to you that 335 printmakers from 40 printmaking studios in 19 countries are confirmed to participate in the Project Babel. So, we will proceed to make a lottery for the segments quite soon.

31 Oct 2022    Team Babel closed the registration to project Babel.
1 Sep 2022     Team Babel launched the project on 1st September 2022 by sending the invitation to printmaking studios.

Galleria Ratamo
Project Babel, 14th Dec 2023- 14th Jan 2024

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Team Babel, teamprojectbabel2(at)

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