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Kulttuuriaitan työpaja Ötökkämäinen matka Suomen luontoon Pupuhuhdan päiväkodissa

Kulttuuriaitta in English

Kulttuuriaitta - Children´s culture network

Kulttuuriaitta is a children’s culture network operating in Jyväskylä, Muurame, Hankasalmi, Toivakka, Uurainen, Laukaa, Petäjävesi, Keuruu and Multia in Central Finland. It is one of the original founder members of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers. Kulttuuriaitta provides arts and cultural opportunities for children and professionals working with them, offering multi-disciplinary, participatory and inspiring workshops, cultural outings, events. It also runs training sessions, seminars and networking events for people working within the sector.  The network also awards the bi-annual children’s culture prize that celebrates fresh and innovative contributions made to children’s culture by local practitioners. 

Kulttuuriaitta’s work is based on ambitious cultural education curricula, and it offers training opportunities for education professionals. Our facilitator database offers a wealth of useful contacts too.

Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers

Kulttuuriaitta is a member of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers. The Association’s purpose is to support the work of professional children’s cultural centres, raise the profile of art and culture aimed at children and promote skills development within the sector. Every year, the association convenes a National Forum on Children’s Culture, providing excellent opportunities for networking.

Kulttuuriaitta in Jyväskylä


Kulttuurineuvola first kicked off in Jyväskylä in 2019 and it is run in maternity and child health clinics in collaboration with culture services, social and health care providers. The aim is to provide staff working at maternity and child health clinics with the advice and information they need to disseminate information about cultural events happening in the local area to young families. All clinics now have named cultural coordinators in place, and training will be offered by local arts and culture organisations, including private and public bodies.

Arts and culture training for expectant first-time parents and families with babies

Kulttuurineuvola’s family training sessions offer sneak-peeks and tasters on upcoming cultural events for families with babies along with useful hints on how you can explore your own creativity at home through songs, rhymes and play. These sessions will be run at a number of different venues, including libraries and art museums. You can sign up via your local mother and child health clinic website.

Early childhood education programme   

As a part of the early chilhood education programme, each day care centre in the city of Jyväskylä, both municipal and private day care centres, will be provided with a cultural experience every year. Day care centres are invited to choose their own performer / show, that will visit the day care centre over the course of the year. The shows and performances cover a variety of arts, for example music, theatre, puppet theatre and circus. 

Each year, the early childhood workshop programme turns its attention to one particular area of Jyväskylä, visiting day care centres in that part of the city. All groups within each day care centre are invited to choose their own workshop topic, and an artist will be on hand to facilitate it with the children over the course of a year. The workshop topics include for example music, visual and word art as well as circus.

Kompassi - cultural education curriculum

Kompassi, the City of Jyväskylä’s cultural education curriculum, invites children to explore art and culture. It incorporates annual cultural excursions as well as workshops and performances involving a variety of genres. In the course of the year, all children from pre-school age onwards will be involved in Kompassi activities. These include arts workshops for pre-school and school children, cultural visits to museums and galleries, workshops for students with additional needs as well as touring arts workshops, which will tour a different school district each year. The workshops cover a variety of topics including visual arts, drama, music, media art and circus.

Taidelaituri - after school clubs

Taidelaituri clubs and workshops offer art and culture themed after school activities for school children in their own local area. The activities are provided free of charge and take place at schools and at the Vaajakoski Youth Space. The content is designed by staff working within City of Jyväskylä’s  cultural services, and the activities will be delivered during spring 2020 as part of the basic art education curriculum in collaboration with local schools and sector bodies. 

National Taidetestaajat (Art Testers Campaign) delivers cultural delights to all Year 8 students

Kulttuuriaitta also acts as a coordinator for a number of other projects and initiatives, including the nationwide Art Testers programme. Between 2017 and 2020, this scheme will provide all Year 8 students across Finland with a chance to visit two high-quality professional art productions a year. One of the visits will take place locally, while the other will see the children travel to see a national production in the Finnish capital Helsinki. In 2020–2021, the Art Testers will be run as a regional programme involving one cultural visit for the year. The funding is provided on a 50:50 basis by central government and local backers.

As part of this scheme, schools will be offered a visit to an art gallery or similar institution. The experience is provided to the schools as a complete package that comprises exercises for students to complete in advance, travel to the venue and back and the visit itself, as well follow-up exercises after the event. The project organisers will also conduct surveys to gather feedback on the experience. The surveys are carried out using the dedicated Art Testers app, and the evaluations are posted on the project website as they come in.

The project is run by the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers’ secretariat and members. The regional coordinator for Central Finland is Hanna Brotkin.

Key persons, contact information

Coordinator Marjo Tiainen-Niemistö
p. 014 266 4048 / 040 736 4328

Culture designer Maria Poikonen
p. 014 26 64247 / 050 306 3967

Regional coordinatior / Art Testers Campaign Hanna Brotkin
p. 014 26 68775 / 050 325 2904