The City of Jyväskylä and its day care services have extended the period for which they will pay compensation for day care fees to 11 August, 2020.

The City of Jyväskylä and its day care services hope that families will continue to care for their children at home, if possible, as recommended by the government. If a child stays at home, the City will pay compensation for the family’s day care fees for all those days for which the family has made an advance notification of their child’s absence. The period of compensation has been extended to 11 August. This will make it possible for some of the City’s day care workers to move to social and health care services, for example. It is strongly advised that families make notifications for as long periods of absence at a time as possible. 

Absences need to be notified in advance

The notifications can be made via Tieto Edu (care time reservations application) or by phone, text message or email. To receive compensation, families need to notify the day care centre or the family care group the day before the child is to be absent. If a child is to be absent on Monday, the notification has to be made on Sunday at the latest. If it is made on the same day when the child is absent (e.g., on Monday), no compensations will be paid.

Families looking after under-3-year-olds at home are entitled to child home-care allowance 

Families can apply for child home-care allowance from Kela, if they have a child who is under 3 years old but who is not placed in day care but is looked after at home. The allowance may be paid to a parent or guardian, to a married or cohabiting spouse of the parent or guardian or to a hired caregiver or someone else looking after the child. The allowance can also be paid for other children of the same family who are under school age. The allowance may be paid until the youngest child of the family reaches the age of 3. However, it is not paid for periods shorter than one month. 

If a family wants to receive child home-care allowance for this spring term and the coming summer, it has to suspend their child’s place in day care. To suspend a place, the family should call the Growth and Learning Telephone Service, tel. 014 266 0180, or send an email to After the suspension the child may return to the same day care centre when the family so wishes. 

Further information:

Growth and Learning Telephone Service, tel. 014 266 0180 

Service Manager Tarja Ahlqvist, Early childhood education services, tel. 014 266 3269 

Service Manager Päivi Koivisto, Early childhood education services, tel. 014 266 3198