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Expecting a baby and having a newborn in the family offer a great opportunity to learn about yourself and grow into parenthood.
The purpose of family coaching is to strengthen the parents' knowledge and skills and help them in their everyday life with their baby. In the family coaching group expectant families meet each other.

The first training session consists of childbirth and breastfeeding. The childbirth section covers the onset of labour, different stages of labour, analgesia, the role of a support person during labour and the time spent in hospital. The breastfeeding section covers the basics and benefits of breastfeeding as well as breastfeeding positions, the most common breastfeeding issues and the role of a support person during breastfeeding.

The second session consists of bonding, which is important for both the baby and the family as a whole. Bonding and the emotional experiences related to it guide brain development and act as a basis for  future growth and development as well as future relationships. This training session also includes the basics of baby care.


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