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Jyväskylä Art Museum Holvi

12th International Print Triennial

Graphica Creativa is the oldest and most consistent international printmaking exhibition organized in Scandinavia. For the 12th time, this exhibition will be shown in Jyväskylä. This year Graphica Creativa is presenting new and exciting collaborative projects involving printmakers.

Out of the more than 120 applications, 18 collaborative projects were chosen to participate in this year’s exhibition. Some of these projects will be made in-situ specifically for Graphica Creativa. The artists involved are from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Great-Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Korea and China.

The exhibition is composed of prints involving dance, music, photographs, video art, and literature. Along with artists, the collaborative groups also include a socio-historian, a stone-smith and an art critic. Graphica Creativa is organized by the Jyväskylä Art Museum and the Luova Grafiikka association. In connection with the triennial, a special exhibition presenting two collaborative groups of international printmakers is presented at the Galleria Harmonia.

The projects on display at the Jyväskylä Art Museum and the Galleria Harmonia are:

Jyväskylä Art Museum Holvi, Kauppakatu 23

Humammal Recording # 2
Hans Karelszoon van Dijck & Eveline van Bauwel (Belgium)

It’s a Frog’s Dream
John Grant & Margaret Lundell (Great Britain)

The Band of Nod
John Strutton, Zoe Hodgson, Louise Clarke, Dominique Golden (Great Britain) & Berenika Boberska (Great Britain/USA)

Kings Cross Sound Book
Mick Wootton, Richard Galloway, Burt Calderon& Adam Hogarth(Great Britain)

Bert Brouwer & Andre Groothuizen (The Netherlands)

Foto: André Groothuizen

Visual Biografies - Students from the Cathrine Ferguson Academy, Detroit (USA)
Pamela DeLaura, JenClare Gawaran & Evan Larson (USA)

Foto: Bob Sickles

Eric Mathew & Andrew Ooi (Canada)

On Crossing
Jessica Ann Mills (USA) & Jodi Green (Canada)

Seconding the Motion
Jimin Lee (Korea/USA) & Frank Harris (USA)

Bodo Korsig (Germany) & Zao Zhang (China)

Ink Drops
Karen Henderson & Jill Graham (Canada)

3 Printmakers At Home
Kristina Anshelm, Helena Mellin & Ulla Wennberg (Sweden)

Foto: Rainer Ulonska

Broken Telephone
Minna Sarvanne, Valtteri Halmetoja & Veikko Halmetoja (Finland)

Päivikki Kallio, Mari Ojala & Anna-Maaria Oramo (Finland)

Passing By
Liv Dysthe Sonderland & Geir M. Brungot (Norway)

Visible Moments I-II
Johanna Pihlajamaa & Johanna Lonka (Finland)

Printed Silicone Molds
Hannamari Matikainen & Krister Gråhn (Finland)

Field Notes Collaboration – A State of Mind
Jill Parisi-Phillips, Lorrie Fredette, Dylan McManus, Laura Moriarty & Robert Capozzi (USA)

Galleria Harmonia, Hannikaisenkatu 39

1-2-3-4Joy Gerrard (Irleland/Great Britain), Elizabeth Hobbs (Great-Britain), Anna Ruth (Canada/Finland)
& Véronique La Perriére (Canada)

The New World
Anne Beck, Christopher Thomas, Charles Beneke, Dean Dass, Maggie Booth, Clay Witt, Adam Wolpa, Barbara Campbell, Dana Giacofci, David Bendernagel, Akemi Ohira, Juan Garcia, Adam Moyer, Lydia Moyer, Sam Witt (USA), Berenika Boberska (Great Britain/USA), Annu Vertanen & Jyrki Markkanen (Finland)


NONSTOP – DROP-IN WORKSHOP, Jyväskylä Art Museum Holvi

In this workshop you can discover different printmaking techniques. No previous experience is needed, and you are welcome to drop-in without making reservations. Please note however, that there is only room for 10-12 individuals at a time.
Material cost is 5 euros.
June 12th–August 29th, from Wednesday to Saturday, 12–5pm
September 5th–26th, Saturdays 12–5pm

STREET HAPPENINGat Kompassi and Kirkkopuisto (the Church Park)

July 7th 12–2pm
The opening for the Jyväskylän Kesä (Jyväskylä Summer Festival) takes place at the Kompassi (open square in the middle of the Kauppakatu pedestrian street). At around 1:15pm the programme continues at Kirkkopuisto (the Church Park) with the opening of Haihatus’ Kulttuurin kiertotie (Cultural Detour), an environmental art exhibition. At the end of this opening, Graphica Creativa presents the monotype-print-dance -performance ”KUVATtOMAT”. This piece is choreographed and performed by Miia Elivuo and students from the Jyväskylä School of Dance. Printmaker Aino-Kaarina Pajari and the Regional Dance Artist of Central Finland, Dancer and Choreographer Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo have shared their expertise in the creation of this project.

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