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Dec 11.2009 – Feb 21. Holvi
Raimo Reinikainen, The Retrospective Exhibition

Dec 11. 2009 – Jan 10. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
The Jyväskylä Sihtola Collection – Drawings

Jan 15. – Feb 28. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Pasi Eerik Karjula, Sculptures 1999–2009

Mar 12. – Apr 18. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Stefan Nyström, Portraits of Mind and Body

Mar 12. – May 23. Holvi
Father – Empowering Photographs

Apr 23. – May 23. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Kaarina Valoaalto and Kaarina Staudinger-Loppukaarre

May 7. – Holvi, the 3rd floor
The Treasures of the Orava Family
Prints in a Home of the 60’s
Permanent collection- Prints from the Collection of the Association of Finnish Printmakers

May 27. – Jul 18. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Antti Jokinen, ”The Passage of Time”

Jun 5. – Aug 29. Holvi
Gems from the Ateneum – Elisabeth and Herman Hallonblond – Art Patrons from Ladoga Karelia

Jul 22. – Sep 12. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Duncan Butt Juvonen, Juicy Pig’s Restaurant

Sep 17. – Oct 24. Holvi
Helena Hietanen and Jaakko Niemelä
Light-work and Lighting Designs

Nov 5. – Jan 16. Holvi
Päivi Meriläinen:Retrospective

Nov 11. – Jan 16. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
MUM`s – sustainable sculptures

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Mar 19. – May 24. Holvi
AVIA – Jyrki Siukonen and Jussi Heikkilä

Apr 9.–May 31. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Miradas del Sur, Bartolomé Roca´s paintings

Jun 12. – Sep 27. Holvi
Graphica Creativa ´09 Co-op

Oct 9 - Nov 29. Holvi
The Annnual Exhibition of the Jyväskylä Artists’ Association

Dec 11. – Feb 21.2009 Holvi
Raimo Reinikainen
Retrospective Exhibition

Dec 11. – Jan 8.2009 Holvi, The Lower Gallery
The Jyväskylä Sihtola Collection - Drawings

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– Jan 6. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Urho Lehtinen, Mutual Support

Jan 9. – Feb 3. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Annina Sarja

– Feb 10. Holvi
Aino-Kaarina Pajari, Carborundi
Retrospective Exhibition

Feb 6. – Mar 2. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Anna Ruth
AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHT DAYS Car drawings of Finland
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Feb 22. – May 4. Holvi
Mitki in Finland
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Mar 5. – Mar 30. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Matka kotiin / The Way Home

Apr 2. – May 4. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
John Court -Drawings
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May.5. – Sep 14. Holvi
Summer Guests
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Pekka Pitkänen and Samuli Heimonen

Guests of Centre for Printmaking

Vadim Brodsky (Germany)
Dean Dass (USA)
Karen Kunc (USA)
Brian Maguire (Ireland)
Keith McIntyre (Great Britain)
Ibrahim Miranda (Cuba)
Priit Pärn (Estonia)
Takashi Tanaka (Japan)

Sep 17. – Oct 26. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Kaija-Leena Kaijaluoto´s project

Sep 20. – Nov 23. Holvi
Jari Haanperä
Mechanic-kinetic shadow and light performances
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Oct 29. – Nov 23. Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Live Herring -net art
Live Herring 2008 homepage

Dec 5. – Jan 25.2009 Holvi
Päivi Reiman

Nov 26. – Jan 4.2009 Holvi, The Lower Gallery
Nameless - juvenile art

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Nov 28 - Jan 6, 2008 HOLVI
Urho Lehtinen – Mutual Support
This autumn arrives with the 120th anniversary of Urho Lehtinen's (1887-1982) birth. We commemorate the artist by directing our gaze at his homestead and the images of his loved ones. His beloved atelier home, Pälvelä, and the beautiful houses and idyllic gardens of the Jyväskylä of his time were documented in his work. The blaze of the blooming garden of Pälvelä brought rich and vibrant colours into his work.
The artist's spouse, Anneli Lehtinen, and his granddaughter Outi Markkanen have participated in the making of the exhibition.

Related events in Finnish:
Fri 30.11 at 4.30pm Afternoon Tea with Louna Lahti MA, who leads the audience into conversation about the book published on the artist. Free admission.
Fri 4.1.2008 at 4.30pm Afternoon Tea with relatives of the artist. Free admission.

Dec 8 - Feb 17, 2008 HOLVI
Aino-Kaarina Pajari - Carborundi
Retrospective Exhibition
- Carborundum is a printmaking technique that landed in Finland in the late 1980's, where the printmaking plate is painted with a mixture of glue and carborundum sand. My first works with this technique were prints made from thickly painted plates with undiluted paint. With time, the prints have become more delicate. Controlled coincidences frequent in my current work. I might think of a certain colour; the sodden chill conferred by an autumn storm, a beach gilded orange by the sun, a longing that paints the sky black... The paths I treaded with my dog have transformed into abstract patterns. I moved to Jyväskylä in 1996, and started working at the Jyväskylä Centre of Printmaking. The exhibition celebrates my 10-year anniversary in the city and offers an overview of my "Carborundi". Text by Aino-Kaarina Pajari.

Related events in Finnish:
Sun 9.12.2007 at 4pm Rundi 2, Carborundum Dance. Aino-Kaarina Pajari, Noora Nenonen (dance), Anja Mauranen (music). Free admission.
Sun 18.1.2008 at 4.30pm Afternoon Tea with Aino-Kaarina Pajari. Improvisations by Anja Mauranen & Noora Nenonen. Free admission.
Fri 25.1.2008 at 4.30pm-6.00pm Guided Tour by Aino-Kaarina Pajari. Free admission.
Fri 8.2.2008 at 4.30pm Afternoon Tea with Aino-Kaarina Pajari. Improvisations by Anja Mauranen & Noora Nenonen. Free admission.

Tue-Sun from 11am to 6pm, HOLVI
Jyrki Markkanen, Mens' Room – Installation
For a year now, the women have been powdering their nose under the chandeliers in Marja Kolu's installation Ladies' Room. To attract the opposite sex, Jyrki Markkanen has created the Mens' Room, which draws inspiration from the jubilant union of men and cars.
The artists sees his object, The VW Beetle, as a positive phenomenon in the world of cars with its timeless design and the simple yet resilient technology. The Beetle is like a four-wheeled moped. It brings a spot of colour amidst the aggressive, grey traffic. On the downside, it's a smelly source of pollution like all the other cars.
- I have been shooting VW Beetles for 25 years. Little by little, the Beetleheads, drivers and owners have moved into the spotlight. For them, the Beetle is a companion and a member of the family. Their stories and memories are a part of our recent history.
In the ceiling of the Men's Room there is a transparent image of a Beetle printed on acrylic. You can spot the Beetle in all corners of the world in the nostalgic 60's and 70's post cards that twine the walls. For a perfect finish, you can select your favourite tunes from the old Blaupunkt car radio embedded into the dashboard.

Oct 11 - Nov 25 HOLVI
The Annnual Exhibition of the Jyväskylä Artists’ Association

Jun 9 - Sep 30 HOLVI
LUMO ´07 – ’us’
The 7th International Photography Triennial
also in Galleria Harmonia, Hannikaisenkatu 39 and The Museum of Central Finland, Alvar Aallon katu 7

Apr 25 - May 27 HOLVI
New Donations in the Collection of the Association of Finnish Printmakers

Mar 10 - May 20 HOLVI
Contemporary Finnish Art from the Collection of Jenny and Antti Whuri Foundation

Feb 17 - Apr 22 - May 20 HOLVI
Kain Tapper - Notes from the Journey

Through Feb 25 HOLVI
Harald Karsten: DadaMax – Flights of Thoughts

Jan 10 - Feb 11 HOLVI
Art for a Long Life – Project for Senior Citizens

Through Jan 7 HOLVI
Anja Santala – Autumn Tints and Harvest

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