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Säynätsalo Town Hall

Alvar Aalto 1949-52

Säynätsalo Town Hall is one of architect Alvar Aalto’s most significant works. It enjoys a position all of its own in the history of 20th century architecture. Right at the construction stage, the building attracted attention due to its originality. Subsequent to completion, enthusiastic visitors have flocked to Säynätsalo from all over the world: students, groups of architects and other individuals, nowadays approximately 2000 - 3000 each year. It has been demonstrated, that the town hall has made Säynätsalo Finland’s internationally best-known island.

There is a voluntary admission fee. Groups are requested to inform the district office of their arrival well in advance. Use of guide is not compulsory. Groups can also visit at a pre-arranged time. Visit Jyväskylä and Alvar Aalto Museum offer guided tours. From 1.1.2016 only by request. Inquiries from tourist information, tel. +358 14 266 0113.

Further information on the Town Hall and contact details

An extensive net exhibition about the Town Hall was completed in the summer of 2007. This valuable building can now be explored by everyone via the internet.

Photography at Säynätsalo Town Hall

General freehand photography is permitted in the Town Hall premises for private, non-commercial use only. Photographing individual works of art is not allowed, and the photographs taken in the premises cannot be published or otherwise commercially exploited.

Photographers wishing to use a tripod must complete our Photography Contract form. Our rates for commercial photography vary from case to case, and must always be agreed in advance. For more information about the pricing, please contact the Säynätsalo District Office.

A register of all the photography contracts is maintained at the District Office.

Photographing may not disrupt the work in the local government offices.


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