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Places of interest

In the course of its history Säynätsalo as a whole has acquired an unusually large number of architectural locations of international, national and regional importance. In addition to academician Alvar Aalto many others have left their mark on the islands, including Wivi Lönn, one of the first female architects in Finland, and Professor of Architecture Armas Lindgren. The islands of Säynätsalo are also rich in attractions of other kinds.

Places of interest are listed island by island:

Säynätsalo island
Kinkovuori and Karkaussaari

Säynätsalo is located on the south side of Jyväskylä roughly 16 kilometres from the centre of the city. The islands can be reached by way of the main Jyväskylä-Tampere road as well as by bus from Jyväskylä (routes 16, 16M and 21). In summer the journey to the island suburb of Säynätsalo can also be made by boat.


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