During the corona pandemic, students in basic education mainly continue their learning following the normal curriculum. However, when deciding on the number of school assignments, the level of requirements, the timetables and the learning objectives, students’ resources and aptitudes will be taken into account.

Further information: 

Service Manager Tuija Rasinen, Basic education services, tel. 014 266 4984 
Service Manager Sami Lahti, Basic education services, tel. 014 266 4985  

Even in distant learning, the environment must be safe. Therefore, students will not be given assignments that would risk their safety. The teacher is responsible for the teaching, the students’ learning progress and for supporting their learning. The students are responsible for their own learning. And the parents and guardians are to follow their children’s learning.  

The distant teaching, guidance and monitoring of students’ learning take place via schools’ communications tools (Teams and Google Meet), teaching videos and/or video conferencing. When choosing teaching methods and communication tools, care will be taken that they match the students’ age and information and technology skills. In teaching, textbooks but also various electronic materials and students’ home environment are used. Schools will keep in regular contact with homes via Teams, Google Meet or telephone. Students in need of special education will receive help from special education teachers via the communication tools or telephone. Special needs assistants may also be in contact with the students. 

Wilma is used as during normal school 

Wilma is used as the main means of communication between school and homes. Teachers record students’ absences and class behaviour on Wilma, following the same principles as during normal school. Parents and guardians inform teachers about their children’s illness. If a student does not take part in a virtual lesson or does not inform the teacher about his or her presence, the teacher records this as an absence on Wilma. The parents or guardians then check and clear the absence. If a student does not turn in an assignment in time, the teacher records this as a forgetting. Students are entitled to remedial teaching. Remedial lessons need to be agreed on with the teacher, and they will be recorded on Wilma.