The primary schools (grades 1-9) of Jyväskylä will be closed from 18 March till 13 April due to coronavirus. Day care services will continue as normal.

The City of Jyväskylä will also comply with the new government recommendations and will close or limit the activities of e.g. museums, adult education centres and libraries.

Further information on these will be given on Tuesday. 

The purpose of all these measure is to ensure that the City will be able to continue its functions and to protect the residents.

On Tuesday, 13 March, the City of Jyväskylä will provide more detailed instructions on home study and distance learning. Families will also receive instuctions via the Wilma service. Furthermore, updated information will be available on the webpages of the City and basic education.

Cay care services will continue as normal

Day care services will continue as normal. However, parents who are on parental leave or who are studying or unemployed are advised to care for their children at home. This is to ensure that day care services will stay available for those parents who work in social and healthcare services. 

Avoid unnecessary appoinments at health centres 

During this emergency, it is extremely important that health centres can concentrate on taking care of those who are really sick and need treatment. Therefore, please, do not contact the health centre simply to request a sick leave certificate if you have been abroad, because health centres cannot provide sick leave certificates simply because someone has been abroad. Instead, please, contact your work place or employer for their sick leave practices. Also, please do not call the coronavirus helpline simply to request a sick leave certificate. 

The City will inform its employers of its sick leave practices.